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Galicia, Spain

Kiteboarding in Galicia is one of the most unforgettable experiences, both for the diversity and the beauty of the sites. Galicia, a small natural setting, offers wind all year round, between winter lows, summer thermals and other sea entries. The Galician coastline, with its multiple configurations, makes all wind directions practicable. In addition, the diversity of the waters and conditions will delight the most experienced. Indeed, Galicia offers both flat and wave conditions. Well, especially wave: if some spots are perfectly adapted to safe teaching, others are exclusively for experienced kitesurfers. On the other hand, the latter will find nuggets of private wave riding, and will come out dripping with adrenaline. Your guide and kitesurfing instructor, who is also an experienced surfer, will guide you to the kiteflying spots in Galicia according to the conditions of the moment. Each day, he will show you the best spot or depending on your level, or introduce you to the basics on adapted spots if you are a novice. Contact us for more information !

KiteCamp and KiteGuide in Galicia, Spain

Opt for the icing on the cake: an itinerant guide for your kite trip Galicia or surf trip in Galicia.
The concept? The weather conditions are served on a silver platter, we take you to the right spot, at the right tide window, we brief you on the currents, the waves, the turbulences, the launching, the dangers. And we help you discover as many spots as possible, whatever the discipline.

Our kite and surf camp is located in Spain in Galicia. It is located just a stone's throw from heavenly beaches.

The kite and surf camp will accompany you throughout your holidays to make you discover this island to surf or kite on its turquoise waters!

Beach of A Coruña

The Galician Kitesurfing School

Imagine Brittany (and its temperatures as virulent weather changes), only more exposed: Galicia, located at the north-western tip of Spain (and almost the most exposed point to the Atlantic in all of Europe), picks up everything that crosses the ocean (and whether it comes from the south or the north: Galicia picks up everything).
A small jewel of waves, virgin spots, unspoilt nature.

Well, you should know that Galicia also has twice the annual rainfall of Manchester (you've been warned). The price to pay for rich and luxuriant vegetation such as that which will leave you speechless on arrival!

Beware, those who are afraid of the cold and those who like "gift" conditions should move on: Galicia in the middle of August is even colder than the water in Portugal, as its privileged exposure gives it some of the coldest currents in Europe. To get here, you have to want to wear your winter suit in the middle of summer (or even slippers, yes, you do).

The conditions: the XL version of Brittany, i.e. splendid landscapes, changing conditions (don't be afraid of the rain, it's followed by the sun... well sometimes it lasts a week, too....), but above all, enormous gliding conditions, with established wind, wave machine version of the swell, and above all, endless alternatives: the paths of St Jacques de Compostelle, the exploration of the sublime coastline, the mountains, and then yoga, surfing and more on days of calm.....

Galicia is very windy in the summer, whether it's thermal or larger weather systems
Year after year, we have always been bluffed to sail even when the forecast was not announced to be good: there is always a little bit and a slot to pick up over there (and if there really isn't, you will always find a little wave to keep you busy).

In any case, the weather contract has the merit of being clear: you'll probably be cold at some point, you might think you're in November in the middle of August at some point too.... and it'll still be great !


Booking Kite Courses Spain, Galicia

Book your kite course in Galicia, Spain at least 7 days before the day. Specify the desired day, age, height and weight of the participants (in the comments, after the "Validation" page of the basket), we will send you a WhatsApp the day before the course (between 5 and 8 pm) to give you a precise schedule.



With rental equipment

Duration: 1 hour
kitesurf Galice (5)

Private lessons


With rental equipment

Duration: 1 hour
kitesurf galice (25)



With rental equipment

Duration: 10 hours of lessons
Kite Stay & Kitesurf School Galicia, Spain

Special course


With rental equipment

Duration: 10 hours of lessons

One Kite Surf instructor for 2 students*!

Preferred course of 2h in the water, overall pick-up time is 4h.
*this is not the case with our colleagues

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