Create your own Surfcamp or Kitecamp: become a franchisee

In recent years, surf camps have seen a resurgence in interest and are attracting a whole new clientele in search of a change of scenery, new experiences and sharing.
Gone are the days when surf camps were only for experienced and passionate surfers. Today, surf camps attract people who have never surfed before, looking for a family atmosphere and good fun, but also for safety and tranquillity. Surf camp clients come from a wide range of backgrounds and there are more and more families wanting to share the experience together.
And above all, clients expect “turnkey”, all-inclusive services: accommodation, surf lessons, equipment, meals, comfort… and atmosphere.
You want to create your own Surf Camp but you don’t want to go it alone? Not sure where to start, or if you have all the skills? Don’t panic! By joining Ocean Adventure, you will be surrounded by professionals who will help you at every stage of your project, give you advice and help you define your concept, your style.
But be careful, we expect our partners to be truly motivated and to be able to manage their project as a business owner would.

1- Why create your Surf Camp with Ocean Adventure ?

To benefit from our expertise and join a quality network, but above all :

  • For our values: All our partners share our values. Respect for the environment, respect for people and their diversity, love of surfing with a capital “A” and the desire to offer quality holidays.
  • To benefit from the expertise of professionals who will do everything possible to help you make your dream come true
  • To have access to a network of surf teachers and schools
  • PouTo be part of a quality network where each Surf Camp is carefully selected to preserve the essence of the Surf Spirit and its values and thus ensure surfers a quality stay during which they will be able to perfect their surfing techniques and share with other clients moments of conviviality and exchange.

By joining Ocean Adventure you benefit from our 20 years of experience in the creation and management of Surf Camps – this is a real boost for you!

2- What should you do?

As with any new business, one of the first things you need to do is to decide where you are going to set up shop. You can of course choose to turn your house into a Surf Camp or you can decide to invest in a new home that will house your new business. But here again, don’t panic because if you are looking for the ideal place, Ocean Adventure will help you in this search.
Then, you must of course draw up your business plan (a document that summarises the ins and outs of your project, with the financing requirements and the expected profitability: for a surf camp, we will focus for example on the number of rooms/beds to be rented, the average price observed in your sector for an all-inclusive stay, the number of nights you hope to rent, the equipment to be purchased in order to be able to rent it out properly, the partnerships to be set up, the associated services such as surfing lessons…).
This exercise should also be the moment for you to position yourself on this or that type of clientele. Indeed, if you wish to welcome groups, you will need a dormitory, if you wish to receive families, you will need to provide everything you need to welcome children in complete safety…

This is also the time to look to the future and think about possible developments and services (e.g. developing ecolodges in your grounds or offering tents for hire, creating an outdoor kitchen for your guests).
Don’t forget that the clientele of today’s Surf Camps is very varied! You can’t cater for everyone, so you’ll need to choose which clientele you want to cater for. And rest assured, at Ocean Adventure, even though our clients come from all walks of life, we make sure that when they book, they choose the right Surf Camp for them.

3- What investments will you have to make?

No financial contribution is required to start the franchise! And yes, it is your success that interests us and we told you, we will do everything so that your Surf Camp allows you to live all year long!
Of course you will have to make other investments, such as the purchase of the residence or the land that will host your future Surf Camp, the purchase of the furniture necessary to welcome the surfers, the surfing equipment…
But here again Ocean Adventure will help you to put together the necessary files to obtain your financing and will accompany you on the legal aspects. Alone, you will never be !
And to top it all off, Ocean Adventure provides you with its own booking website, so there’s no need to invest in your own website and even less in communication or marketing.
To sum up, by joining the Ocean Adventure network, you can be sure of :

  • Start your business without stress
  • To rent and make a quick profit from your Surf Camp
  • To be part of a community of enthusiasts who all want to make a living from their passion

Do not hesitate any longer and contact us, so that your dream becomes reality and your project becomes a reality!

Create your own Surfcamp / become a Franchisee
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