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Double flats with ocean view in Imsouane, Morocco at 150€/night

Are you tired of the classic “daddy-style” investments? Are you looking for a different kind of investment in which you too can have a say? An investment that makes you dream?

Are you passionate about surfing and would you like this passion to make you money or at least not cost you a fortune? Look no further! Invest in a Surf Camp! Whether it is at the end of the world, in Costa Rica, in the Canaries or next to your home on the Atlantic coast, in France, investing in a Surf Camp is a risk-free investment that will quickly pay off.

It is important to know that in recent years, surf camps have attracted a new clientele, with more means. This clientele is looking for a change of scenery, new experiences and sharing.

The image of the surf camp as a place for passionate surfers is totally outdated.

Today, surf camps attract city dwellers with little or no surfing experience. This clientele is looking for new experiences but also and above all for safety. Nowadays, people come to spend their holidays in a surf camp, as a family or as a couple, with a friend.

There are three ways to invest in a surf camp:

– By buying alone the house that will become a Surf Camp

– By buying it together

– By investing in an existing surf camp

By choosing Ocean Adventure to invest in a Surf Camp, you choose safety and tranquillity;

With Ocean Adventure you choose Safety:

– At Ocean Adventure we are real Surfers and we are able to help you find the ideal house that will allow you to quickly make a profit on your investment – We will accompany you throughout your search and visit the properties with you (even if it means crossing the Atlantic!)

– We also help you recruit your staff to ensure that your surf camp will be up and running quickly and that the service will be of the quality that our clients expect

– We only introduce you to existing surf camps if they meet our criteria and values

– All our partners are handpicked and share our values

With Ocean Adventure you choose peace of mind:

– With Ocean Adventure you don’t have to deal with reservations. All bookings are made via our website. No need to use an agency or an impersonal platform.

– And because we are all about quality, you can be sure that we do everything we can to ensure that our clients find the surf camp that suits them best. You will never have a poorly calibrated reservation, not adapted to your surf camp.

Ocean Adventure in figures :

  • 900 clients between May and September 2021
  • 400K€ of turnover over the same period, 85% in France
  • 150 K€ of surf lessons sold over this period
  • A network of professionals with XX franchisees and XX investors

Ocean Adventure in a few words :

  • Ocean Adventure is first and foremost about strong values:
  • Respect for the environment,
  • Respect for people and their diversity,
  • Listening to and satisfying our clients
  • A passion for quality

Ocean Adventure is also :

  • A real passion for surfing
  • Quality surf lessons and accommodation
  • The desire to share our experiences and to help our partners grow

If you want to know more about the advantages of investing in a surf camp with the help of Ocean Adventure, contact us! We will be happy to explain our policy in detail and share our passion with you.

Luxury and tailor made surfing holidays!

Today, surfing holidays do not mean camping anymore. Yes, like all holidaymakers, you want to be in a place with top-of-the-range services and the comfort of a 5-star hotel. You expect stays that please the whole family but also, of course, high quality surfing lessons and activities.

At Ocean Adventure, we understand that you not only want to improve your surfing technique (or discover this sport) but also enjoy treatments, massages, the benefits of a SPA… We understand that you want to spend time with your family while having the possibility to get away for an evening or for an excursion. At Ocean Adventure, being able to look after your children is just as important as the expertise and professionalism of the surf instructors.

When you book your surf holiday with Ocean Adventure you are not only booking the best surf instructors, but you are also booking high quality accommodation where you will feel safe and secure. Our surf holidays are tailor made for you, to meet all your expectations whether it be in terms of well being, service, excursions and of course surf lessons!

If you are looking for a new surfing experience but don’t want to sacrifice your comfort and expect high quality, luxury services then book your surfing holiday with Ocean Adventure and make your surfing holiday a great one!

Non-catalogue destinations from 1000€ per week per person

When you book your luxury surf holiday with Ocean Adventure you are booking original destinations and an unforgettable experience!

Whether it’s in a dream resort, where luxury rhymes with top of the range surfing lessons or on a boat, your Ocean Adventure holiday will turn your surfing holiday into a dream holiday and offer you a unique high quality experience in dream locations and always where the waves are the best.


Quelques exemples de séjours hors catalogue:

Among our stays, discover the Arribas Sintra Hotel in Portugal. The Arribas Sintra Hotel offers an incomparable view of the Praia Grande de Rodizio and proposes all-inclusive surfing stays for all ages.

The hotel also has one of the largest swimming pools in Europe. Ideally located, you can enjoy the historical sights of Sintra and Lisbon during your excursions.

Also in Taghazout, Morocco, discover the Paradis Plage Surf Yoga and Spa – This hotel is in the heart of one of the most famous surf spots in Morocco and is nestled in a 3 hectare oasis away from the crowds. You can enjoy the Spa and the many treatments offered by the hotel without forgetting of course the surfing lessons!

Finally, we couldn’t fail to introduce you to the Riu Oliva Hotel located in Fuerteventura in the Canary Islands, in Corralejo – This hotel offers stays for everyone, whether you want to relax after your surfing sessions or to party, you will inevitably find the formula that suits you.

Luxury Stay

If you’re looking for a luxury stay that’s unlike any other, check out the Nihi Sumba Hotel in Indonesia

This hotel, voted best hotel in the world two years in a row, will offer you a unique, timeless experience where luxury is wild and in perfect harmony with nature. You can discover magical places such as the Blue Falls and experience unforgettable moments such as turtle egg-laying or even polo. And don’t forget that the waves at Nihi Sumba are the most coveted in the world! Your best surfing experience awaits you in Nihi Sumba!

The bottom line is, you just need to be good and motivated, we’ve got the money for you….

Benefit from our expertise and join a quality network.

You’ve heard about the surf camp craze and are wondering how to get into a franchise that’s built to last?

Discover the expertise and passion of with a selection of surf instructors and surfcamps for all ages.

Are you wondering how to open a surf camp? And above all, what are the investments and requirements to join the Ocean Adventure franchise network? Find the answers here 2021:

  • 900 clients between May and September 2021
  • 400K€ of turnover over this 6 month period, 85% of which in France
  • Nearly 150 K~of surf lessons sold over this period
  • Nearly 40 K€ of turnover for the new Surf camps partners in Bidart and St Geours de Marenne, 25 minutes from Hossegor, inland.


The advantages of OCEANADVENTURE.SURF :

  • A team of passionate surfers, at the service of apprentice surfers
  • Unique experiences with carefully selected service providers
  • Quality surf lessons and accommodation
  • A European “Erasmus” atmosphere
  • An existing network, developing a quality image throughout France and Europe in particular

For more information, contact us at 0619036906.

Become an Ocean Adventure Investor
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