Ocean Adventure, Nature & Spa à Dakhla, Morocco

Enjoy a kite stay in the most refined camp in Dakhlaand take advantage of its exclusive kite spot. Note that for surfing, you will have to go to the end of the bay. This camp is a real haven of peace combining comfort, charm and responsible commitment to offer you a unique experience.

Luxurious, quiet and authentic bungalows

From 180€ per night for 1 person

Made entirely of Douglas fir, the colour of which blends into the ochre landscape, our camp appears like a mirage. Here, our buildings do not attack the surrounding nature, they complement it. In the rooms of your eco-lodge, each piece of furniture is unique. Indeed, we have established relationships with local craftsmen to work with local carpenters and sculptors to decorate the premises with superb furniture made by their hands. This is a source of pride and is in keeping with our spirit of harmony with the local environment. Each room is spacious and has a terrace overlooking the lagoon. Ideal for admiring a unique landscape.

The full board restaurant as well as the wifi in the common areas and the rooms are included in the rate.

Solo traveller: 1 night for 1 person - 1 King size bed - from 180 €

Travelling duo or couple: 1 night for 2 people: 2 single beds or 1 King size bed from 240€ / 3 single beds from 300€.

Small family on the road or trio of travellers: 1 night for 3 people - 1 King size bed and 1 single bed or 3 single beds - from 300€

Full board stay

Enjoy a moment of culinary pleasure in our indoor restaurant or on the terrace facing the ocean. On one side, enjoy the view of the coastline, the ballet of the kite surfers on the lagoon. On the other side, enjoy the elegant plant and mineral patio. A walk-through layout that brings in fresh air with plenty of room for natural light. You can also sit on the large terrace and have lunch in the shade of the wooden pergola, facing the spectacle of nature.

Lunch Menu
Dinner Menu
* Option Vegan possible

Bar Menu

Activities in Dakhla

We propose several activities, each one as extraordinary as the other, to take advantage of the formidable cultural and natural wealth of the region. Take pleasure in discovering the beauty of Dakhla and its natural environment, between sea and desert, still preserved and unique in the world.  Discover the activities at the eEole tower and the relaxing treatments to fully relax after your kite sessions.

Kite in Dakhla

6 hours of semi-private kite lessons at 345 €

Our school is located on an exceptional kitesurfing spot.
You will have access to two spots: the main freeride spot and the pool spot. Both offer flat water. The pool spot is a 100% flat, all-round water.
Our camp is the first establishment to be set up on this new, popular and still virgin spot: a paradise for beginners and the most demanding professionals.

Surf in Dakhla

Surfing lessons from 25 €

Our school offers excursions to discover the exceptional surf spots of Dakhla. Dakhla is still not very popular with surfers, but offers high quality waves. The Dakhla spots have the advantage of being progressive. They are ideal for both beginners and experts.
Our school offers surf trips to the best spots, depending on the wave forecast.

Desert Discovery - Sebkhet Imlily

South of Dakhla, discover a true jewel of nature, in the heart of the eternal beauty of the desert. Here, at the bend of the sandy and rocky tracks, water miraculously gushes out. Sebkhet Imlily is a unique wetland in southern Morocco, where you can see dozens of large holes in the ground that are scattered as far as the eye can see. In stark contrast to the aridity of the region, these waters are teeming with fish.
One more spectacle that nature offers us.
See the reception for the organisation of this activity.

Discovery of Dakhla 300 €

Offer for 1 person
Visits, excursions, sports and massage... :

  • Visit to the White Dune and trekking
  • Excursion to Asnaa thermal spring with hot sulphurous water massage
  • Excursion to the desert at Sebkhet Imlily
  • Visit to the beach of Porto Rico
  • 2 hours initiation to a water sport (choice of kitesurfing, surfing or stand up paddle)
  • 3 yoga sessions
  • 1 massage
We chose this Ocean Adventure camp on the recommendation of our friends who had been there several times before. We had a dream week. The food is absolutely FANTASTIC, there is something for everyone! We progressed at once in kite and we were autonomous after 5 days, our teacher was super pedagogical and patient, we are very well supervised. The rooms are superb, we chose the biggest one for the two of us as a couple. The offers: massage and yoga after kite, then aperitif organized by the hotel on the edge of the beach to easily meet the other residents. Everything was really great. The little details and service were really appreciated.


Examples of prices for this camp

The dates are free and we offer tailor-made rates.
HIGH SEASON from 23/12/2022 to 05/01/2023 and from 09/03/2023 to 10/11/2023.
LOW SEASON from 11/11/2022 to 22/12/2023 and from 06/01/2023 to 08/03/2023.

Séjour individuel

Séjour individuel

Tu es seul et veux rejoindre le surf camp pour progresser et rencontrer des personnes venant d'autres pays.

Séjour en couple

Séjours en couple en Surf Camp à Fuerteventura, îles Canaries

Vous êtes en couple, vous souhaitez progresser en surf et rencontrer des personnes venant d'autres pays tout en ayant votre intimité.

Séjour en famille (3pers)

Séjour en famille en surf camp à Fuerteventura, aux îles Canaries

Vous venez en famille avec des niveaux et aspirations différentes, chacun pourra s'épanouir dans un environnement amical: cours de yoga ou surf pour tous les niveaux.

Séjour en groupe

Tarifs sur demande, contactez-nous!

Séjour en groupe en Surf Camp à Fuerteventura, îles Canaries

Vous êtes un groupe d'amis, vous souhaitez progresser en surf et rencontrer des personnes venant d'autres pays.

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