Kitesurfing and Wingfoil lessons for children and adults
Sal-Rei, Boa Vista Island & Sal Island, Cape Verde

There are many kite schools in Sal or Boa Vista in Cape Verde. Over the years and experiences we have learned to know them and we have selected for you the best pedagogy, infrastructure and conviviality.

Our Objective: To make you autonomous in only 5 courses !

Our two IKO instructors provide the courses in French, Kessy in Sal and Romy in Boa Vista. Whether you are alone, a couple, a family or a group Ocean Adventure will meet your expectations perfectly.
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One Kite Surf instructor for 2 students* Standards IKO!

Courses take place on Estoril beach on Boa Vista island or on Santa Maria beach on Sal island. Depending on the level of the participants, there are 2 students per instructor *(Semi-private courses). The school has a boat.

Decomposition of the 2h kiteboarding per day

A kite course lasts about 2 hours during which you share the sail with your partner. Once you are autonomous, you will be able to opt for one sail per person, it is the teacher who will decide to let you enjoy the sensations of kite surfing solo if he/she thinks you are ready !

Book a Kite Course Sal Rei, Cape Verde

Book your Kite lessons in Cape Verde, at least 7 days before the D-day. Specify the desired day, age, height and weight of the participants (in the comments, after the "Validation" page of the basket), we will send you a whatsapp the day before the course to give you a precise schedule.

Please note that Kite surfing lessons are given from 12 years old.


3 private kite courses


20% deposit payment: 57.00 €

3 x 2-hour private lessons

5 private kite courses


payment of 20% deposit: 100.00 €

5 x 2-hour private lessons

3 Semi-private kite courses


payment of 20% deposit: 47.20 €

3 lessons of 2h
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5 Semi-private kite courses


payment of 20% deposit: 89.00 €

5 lessons of 2h

Particularity of the open sea at Sal Rei

The refresher is very important as it allows you to reach the fundamentals of today's sail handling. This way you will enjoy a great course on the boat afterwards.

Beware, sometimes it is possible to follow a refresher with a boat course afterwards but sometimes not ! [Note also that someone who was autonomous 10 years ago, must take a beginner's course to familiarise themselves with equipment that has evolved a lot.

Cours de kitesurf fuerte ventura

Refresher session


Payment of 20 % deposit: 10€

If you feel the need to brush up on the basics or if it's been more than 6 months since your last class, this class is for you. 1 hour of kite shaping to get you back in the swing of things and to attack the next course in the open water.

Lift: Transport & Safety + Equipment


Transport on a boat and sail and board rental

Rent the latest equipment from leading brands and enjoy a lift on the school's boat to access the best spots independently !

Wingfoil course in Sal Rei, Cape Verde


Wingfoil, the new discipline of the moment ! Its practice is recent but our instructors are already keen on it and ready to pass on all their knowledge and accompany you for a safe progression.

The first sessions:

You will learn the basics of handling the Wing. Part of the course will be with the sail only, thendepending on the conditions (too much wind or slight apprehension) the lessons can start on land with a SurfSkate ! Similar gliding sensations and a sense of security that allows our students to bemore comfortable once on the foil ! For the more experienced, the first sessions can be done directly in the water on an inflatable board and an adapted Foil !

It is now time to mix the 2 : Foil and Wing, we will start according to the aptitudes of each one by a specific board without foil, or directly with.

You will make your first edges as well as your first flights!

This is it, welcome to the WING FOIL universe !

All equipment is provided during your wingfoil lessons. Each lesson lasts about 1h30.

Location de matériel de Kite: board, voile, accessoires

Choisissez votre équipement pour le free ride, le wave riding, le freestyle. Nous avons l'équipement pour toutes les disciplines et conditions de kitesurf. Pour tous les niveaux et tailles de kitesurfers. Demandez des informations et réservez votre matériel ! Tarif par jours consécutifs. Assurance équipement non incluse : à prendre au shop au tarif d'environ 10€/article.

Sail + board rental


Sail rental for kitesurfing per day

Rent the best and latest equipment from the leading brands in the market. A sail and a board, which you can change at any time

Combi + board rental


Rental of equipment per day

You don't want to take your suit and board with you... Book yours here. A wetsuit and a board, which you can change at any time !
Kitesurf and Wingfoil School Cape Verde, Boa Vista and Sal Islands
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