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Surfschool in Biarritz


Surfing lessons in Biarritz

There are dozens of surf schools in Biarritz and in particular on the Basque Coast. Over the years we have come to know them and we have selected for you the best surfing lessons and courses on the Basque Coast: pedagogy, infrastructure, conviviality... Whether you are alone, in couple, with your family or in a group, Ocean Adventure will be able to answer perfectly to your desire to learn to surf.

This surf spot is very popular with beginners and longboarders as it has nice, gentle waves, sheltered from the north winds. Super popular with surfers from all over the world, surf schools and holidaymakers, everyone has to leave when the high tide clears the beach.


Surf Schools in Hendaye, Basque Country


Surfing lessons in Hendaye

Rozenn, your surfing instructor, will share her passion with you.  Whether you are alone, in couple, in family or in group, Ocean Adventure will know how to answer perfectly to your expectations. We also offer Surfguiding, the surf guide will help you to progress in addition to serving you the best spot of the day according to your level and expectations. Your qualified instructor will accompany you by minibus to the different beaches of the Basque Coast!

From beginners to intermediate and advanced levels, we will find the right wave for you to progress without age limit. Your surf instructor will accompany you throughout your learning process.


Surf Schools in Saint-Jean-de-Luz, Basque Country

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Surfing lessons in Hendaye

Nathan is a qualified surf instructor and has set up surf lessons designed to give you a unique and exciting experience at the best surf spots in the region. We provide the board, the wetsuit and the instructor. All you need to bring is a swimming costume, a towel, a change of clothes and a bottle of water. Small groups can be formed for 1 instructor and the coaching is done in the water for more personal advice. You are insured by the French surfing federation. For optimal safety, the school favours low tide for its lessons.


Surf Schools in Bidart / Guéthary


Bidart Guethary Surf School

Book now your surfing lesson at the Uhabia surf school in Bidart (250m walk from Guéthary and it's on sand!). Specify the day in the comments, we will call you back before the lesson (more or less 48h before) to give you a precise schedule. Our surf school is located on the uhabia beach in Bidart. You will surf in a beautiful beach near Bidart and Guéthary.

Uhabia, a surf spot for beginners and intermediates!

This is a very popular surf spot for beginners and longboarders as there are nice, gentle waves, sheltered from the wind. Super popular with surfers from all over the world, surf schools and holidaymakers!

Surfcamps and Surf Schools in Biarritz / Anglet

Surf Schools in Anglet

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Les Sables d'Or Surf School & Chambre d'Amour

There are dozens of surf schools in Anglet and in particular in Les Sables d'Or, near the Chambre d'Amour.
Over the years we have come to know them and have selected for you the best surfing courses on the Basque Coast: teaching, progression, conviviality... Whether you are alone, in couple, with your family or in a group, Ocean Adventure will be able to meet your expectations perfectly. Anglet is the cradle of surfing and hosts a number of competitions including the Night Surf, a unique competition in Europe, and the Pro Anglet in August.


Surf School at Les Cavaliers

Ideally located on the Cavaliers beach, you will benefit from a group surf lesson given by a state-certified instructor for a high quality of teaching! The Cavaliers surf spot is one of the best surf spots for learning the waves from Anglet to Biarritz. We have in front of our structure, 2 sandy beaches separated by the famous Cavaliers dam. Beginner surfers will benefit from small sandy waves that open up a good distance away from the Cavaliers breakwater. The spot of La barre, as for him, offers by big tides a place "security" thanks, partly, to the sand accumulated between two dikes. Those of the Cavaliers and the Petite Barre. Intermediate surfers will find their accounts there with the right of the Cavaliers or the left of La Barre.

Surf Schools in Capbreton and Labenne


École de Surf aux Cavaliers

Idéalement situé sur la plage des cavaliers, vous bénéficierez d'un cours de surf collectif dispensé par un moniteur breveté d'état pour une grande qualité d'enseignement ! Le spot de surf des Cavaliers est un des meilleurs surf spot pour l'apprentissage des vagues d'Anglet jusqu'à Biarritz. Nous avons devant notre structure, 2 plages de sables séparées par la fameuse digue des Cavaliers. Les surfeurs débutants bénéficieront de petites vagues de sable qui ouvrent sur une bonne distance a l’abri de la digue des Cavaliers. Le spot de La barre, quant a lui, offre par grandes marées un endroit « sécurité » grâce, en partie, au sable accumulé entre deux digues. Celles des Cavaliers et celle de la Petite Barre. Les surfeurs intermédiaires y trouveront largement leurs comptes avec la droite des Cavaliers ou la gauche de La Barre.

Surf Schools in Hossegor, Landes


Surfing lessons in Hossegor

We have selected for you the best surfing courses in Hossegor : teaching, infrastructure, conviviality... for Hossegor, we have chosen a high quality surfing school on La Centrale beach: the internationally renowned spot !

Is the beach of the bare asses the most dangerous? The answer to all these questions is very simple, in Hossegor, almost all the schools go surfing in the same place. On the north beach when there is very little swell, on the south beach when there is a lot of swell. Is it dangerous? If you don't know the currents, take a surfing lesson, your teacher will guarantee you maximum safety!

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