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Biarritz Marbella

There are dozens of surf schools in Biarritz,many of them located in la Cote des Basques. Over the years and experiences we have got to know them and have selected for you the one that meets our quality chart: pedagogy, infrastructure, friendliness... for Biarritz, we have picked two schools of high standards, one is a historical surf school (the first in France) in laplage de la cote des basquesand the other one just a bit further south, in the beach of Marbella Whether you are alone, as a couple, with your family or as a group, Ocean Adventure will be able to perfectly meet your expectations. Call us to book your surf course at 0033 (0)7 83 88 57 70

Booking of your surfing lesson in Biarritz Marbella

Book now your surfing lesson in Biarritz Marbella by paying 50% deposit. After your basket validation, you will be able to enter your desired starting date. Following your order you will receive your lesson schedule and will simply have to turn up at the school at the given time.

Marbella Surf School, Biarritz

Our surf school is located on the beach of Marbella in Biarritz.

Marbella, a surf spot for beginners and intermediates!

Biarritz is one of Europe's most famous surf destinations, and it's easy to understand why. With a swell all year long, 5 different surf spots and a spectacular setting in the Basque Country, you will quickly fall in love with the region.

Depending on the tide, size and direction of the swell, you will always find a wave to surf. Even if it's big and the wind blows on the shore, do not despair, head over to Marbella and you're almost sure to find a surfable wave.

One of the most memorable experiences you can have in the summer of Biarritz as a surfer is to go surfing at night. With the sunset and the silhouette of the Atlantic Ocean and the Pyrenees in the background, you will be in surfer's paradise.

Our surf school will introduce you to the magic of surfing at Marbella Beach!

Course and Surfing lessons in Marbella, Biarritz

Ideally located on the beach of Marbella, you will enjoy a high quality surf lesson and spend 1h30 in the water in a collective courtyard! > Remember to book in advance because in summer and during school holidays, slots are taken over 7 days in advanace and there is no room for last minute bookings. We can nevertheless catch the latecomers and offer them alternatives: do not hesitate contacting us!

What to bring for my surf lesson? We provide the board, the suit, the monitor and the transport if the ocean is in a storm and you have to leave the place to go to a fall spot. Just bring a swimsuit to put under the suit, a towel, a change and a bottle of water.

What time are the lessons?

We organize courses about 2h before and after low tide with normal coefficients of 50/70. This can be more with lower coefficients but in any case,

we organize groups according to ages and levels in order to to bring you the greatest satisfaction possible. For upcoming bookings, we will advise you of your lessons time, for bookings with more notice, simply call the school a week ahead of schedule to find out about your lesson's time. It will be defined by the tides but also "reliable wave and weather forecasts". The Basque Coast, the most beautiful beach of France

Join us
in Marbella !

Surf lessons beginners and advanced

The right supervision

Groups are made of up to 8 people for 1 instructor and coaching is done in the water for more personalized advice. You are insured by the insurance of the French surfing federation. For optimal safety, the school favors low tide for its courses.

Vis ton rêve, passe tes vacances avec nous !


Surfing lessons and courses in Biarritz Marbella
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