The best Surfcamps
and Kitecamp of the Canary Islands

The Canary Islands is the leading destination for surfing all year round, in a Subtropical climate, in Europe (no passport required). Conditions are good all year round for beginners and advanced levels and air and water temperature are ideal even in winter ! There are only two seasons: spring and fall. The Canary Islands are often compared to Hawaii Turquoise water and breathtaking landscapes

All the islands are good for advanced levels and we have selected for you the two best islands in the Canary Islands for apprentice surfers: Fuerteventura and Lanzarote.

Fuerteventura is the best option for beginners because in addition to the large number of surf and kitesurf spots ! It is a destination that offers the charms of a sporting destination with a real small town. Corralejo offers a superb atmosphere mixing Europeans with the Latin and sub-tropical culture of the Canary Islands. Vamos Muchachos !.

Favourite : Surfcamps
and Kitecamp of the Canary Islands

There are more than 55 surf schools, surfcamps and kitecamps in Corralejo, Fuerteventura, near Flag Beach. Over the years and experiences we got to know them, we have then selected those which agreed with our quality charter: pedagogy, infrastructure, friendliness... moreover they are the best surf schools and kitesurf schools in Corralejo, Fuerteventura in terms of quality of service and performance.

Whether you are alone, with a partner, with your family or in a group, Ocean Adventure will perfectly meet your expectations.

Each of these camps offers surfing, kite and SUP lessons so that you can combine different activities during your stay. We also offer sessions of SUP Waves and SUP Race, outrigger and kite foil. Contact us!

Surf Camp

7 nights + 5 surf lessons from 295€

Experience the surfer's lifestyle in a new, modern, trendy and functional house for water sports. Enjoy the lounge area and the big patio to share time with surfers over a barbecue. A great location: close to the main surfing and kitesurfing spots. Our Surfcamp in Fuerteventura is a majestic surf house where you won't lack comfort and style.
It's our best seller!

Kite Camp

7 nights + 5 kite lessons from 655€

Fuerteventura Ocean Adventure Kitesurfing School is located in the north of Fuerteventura, in the city of Corralejo. It's one of the best places to practice kitesurfing. You will be accomodate in a modern and cosy house. By staying with us, we offer you the opportunity to meet other sport addicts, relax in our tropical garden, and lhave the best time while learning kitesurfing.


Caleta de Famara, Lanzarote

7 nights + 5 days of surfing from 355 €

Famara is a real surfing city. You will see barefoot people wearing surfboards all over the streets... The beach is only a few minutes walk from the village centre.
Surrounding our small town, you will find surf spots for all tastes and levels.

See the Surf camp of Caleta de Famara

Surf camp in Villas and apartments
in the Canary Islands, Spain

Surf Camp à Corralejo,
Canaries Island

Our surf camp is located in the north of the island of Fuerteventura in Corralejo: a stone's throw from the paradisiacal beaches and the Corralejo Natural Park.

With an area of 1660km2, Fuerteventura is the second largest island in the Canary Islands archipelago. Today more than 107,000 inhabitants live there and enjoy its pleasant climate all year round. - see averages here. Close to the ocean and shops, the city of Corralejo now has more than 30,000 inhabitants.

The surf camp will accompany you throughout your holidays to make you discover this island and surf its turquoise waves!

The Surf camp of Fuerteventura

The island of Fuerteventura comes down to pure sand and sea. Where dunes end, you will find turquoise waters and perfectly white sand. Its heavenly beaches and exuberant nature will leave you speechless.

The island is an authentic refuge of serenity to forget your daily life's stress. Its crystal clear waters will allow you to recharge your batteries so you can feel renewed. Enjoy these 10 km of beaches just for yourself. Whether you are a sunbathing enthusiast on the beach or keen for sports, in Fuerteventura everyone find what they are looking for : you can spend your days according to your own tastes. The island has beautiful villages and offers you the proximity of the urban centre where you can discover the tropical, Latin American culture of the Canary Islands and the young and very European vibe of this city...

Dream beach - Surf Camp Corralejo, Fuerteventura, Canary Islands

Activities in Fuerteventura, Corralejo

Kitesurfing School

Kite lessons for beginners to advanced

Our Kite School is located north of Fuerteventura, in the city of Corralejo, one of the best places to practice kitesurfing. Our kitesurfing instructors take you through all the training's stages, making sure you have a great time! At the end of your course with us, you will be ready to lead a kiter life with solid knowledge of technique and safety. Thanks to the quality of our coaching, you'll be autonomous in a week !

Kitesurf rental

If you are already IKO3, you can rent equipment from our base in Corralejo. Rentals offer you the freedom of changing equipment easily without being overload in the plane. As a test centre, our Kitecamp and its qualified instructors are the only kitesurfing school in Europe to offer you the opportunity of practicing your favorite water sport and renting the best and latest equipment from the market leader's brands.

Great! Great! Perfect conditions! Totally different from Dakhla because there you go by boat and they drop you in the sea (rather than starting from the beach) so you really have 2 hours in the water!" Margaux from Paris

Surf School

Surfing Lessons
Beginner & Intermediate

We are proud to offer first class personalized surf lessons in our quality surf school in Fuerteventura for people of all levels. We provide our groups with the latest and best equipment on the market. Moreover we dispose of a wide range of surfboards and wetsuits which are suitable for people of all ages and sizes.
We garantee an autonomous level at the end of a week course !

OA surfschool corralejo

Surfing and private lessons
Beginners to Advanced

The best way to improve your surfing. Private lessons, our coach will guide you on the best spot and give you personalized advices for a fast progression. Do not bring your board with you, more than 150 boards are available here. All courses are given in your mother tongue (French, Spanish, English).
This is the best way to improve your surfing skills.

Yoga surf et kite camp fuerteventura OA

Yoga & Surf

We believe that yoga is key to improve your abilities and surfing skills.

We teach yoga as a deep experience.
Through yoga you will be able to deeply elongate and strecht your body worned by the surf, deepen your breathing, focus on your mind, practise your balance and improve your strengh and wellness in general. From a slow yin class or a vinyasa session, our yoga teacher will be here to answer your needs.

Kite Foil rentals and lessons

We offer Kite Foil courses for beginners and intermediaites. Advanced levels can choose the rental option.

Kite foil privides much more sensations !
With just some light wind and some swell, or tracted by our boat, we offer courses of Foil in Fuerteventura

Wave SUP

Group lessons for beginners and intermediates. We provide boards that fits your size, level and goals. The Stand Up Paddle is atainable to everyone and it offers an incredible experience on the water. Suitable for all ages and sizes, in your first lesson you will learn how to stand on the board and paddle properly.

Fuerteventura and teh beaches of Corralejo are the perfcet playground for Standup Paddlers (SUP) and SUP surfers !

Canoe and Outrigger - Intermediate and Advanced

We do not organize camps for beginners, as we firmly believe that the first steps must be taken on an individual basis, also taking into account our average ocean conditions. However, we do organize private introductory training courses for this purpose. We have 3 levels....


SUP Race & Downwind - Intermediate and Advanced

From beginner to intermediate and advanced level, we will find the spot to progress without age limit. The SUP instructor will be able to assist you throughout your training on the best spots in Fuerteventura!
Specific training SUP Race & technique, video analysis, Downwind guide & coaching & transfers....

Sup Downwind Fuerteventura

Private lessons of surf with Teiva, a former pro surfer

teiva getting slotted on his break

Enjoy a private lesson with Teiva and benefit his experience as a former pro surfer. the tahitian is a polyvalent and experienced athlete. He is a windsurfer, kitesurfer, professional, his life represent the true spirit of a "waterman".

Beside his ocean expertise, teiva is mostly known for his big smile, his positive attitude and his friendliness.

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    Frequently asked questions

    Is full board included in the prices?

    Our surf and kite camp in Fuerteventura does not offer boarding. You will nevertheless have access to a kitchen to share with the other athletes in the camp. There is a supermarket right next to the camp - with papayas and mangoes at 3€ per kg!

    How to get from the airport to the camp?

    From the airport, it is very easy to come to the camp. You have two options: either a taxi or a shuttle. You can book your shuttle ticket directly online on

    Do the stays have fixed dates?

    No, you can arrive and leave on any day you wish. Surf and kite lessons are organized every day.

    Does OceanAdventure book my flight tickets?

    No, but from Bordeaux or Lyon you can find return tickets at 80€ with low-cost airlines like Volotea or Ryanair. Otherwise most of the time the tickets cost between 200 and 300€.

    What is the atmosphere of the camp?

    The camp is very friendly but not festive. Barbecues are often organized in the evening, and generally everyone is tired of their day in the water. For a festive atmosphere, you can go to the port of Corralejo where the most lively bars in the city are located. Corralejo's city centre is a 15 minutes walk from the camp.

    Do I have to bring towels?

    The camp will provide you with towels for the bathroom but not beach towels, so remember to bring some.

    Can I rent equipment on site?

    Yes, but it is better to book it in advance to be sure of the availability of the equipment. You can book wings, boards, and accessories on this page. Attention for the rental, you must have a minimum IKO3 level. Be sure to fill in the size of the equipment you need.

    What is the best season to kite in Fuerteventura?

    Even if the spots of Fuerteventura have the particularity to operate all year round, there is a high and low season. For more information on the conditions, please refer to this page.

    Customer Testimonial - WhatsApp Discussion

    OA: Hello, are you all right? Is everything okay?
    Laurie: Yes, great! That's really nice! I'm coming back with competition pecs! Well, my arms don't follow but it's okay, I'm having fun so it's cool! And the surf house is really great!
    Two days later... Laurie: (send photos)..
    OA: Excellent!!!! Excellent!! Are you all right with your arms? You have nice little waves!
    Laurie: Let's just say it's not as bad for the arms;-) Yes, the waves got bigger during the morning, we got shaken up!
    OA : That's it, you're a surfer!
    Laurie: Yeahhhhhh

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