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17 December 2019
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What to do besides Kitesurfing in Dakhla?

The Dakhla region is world famous for being a paradise for kitesurfing and surfing. But these extreme activities are far from being the only tourist attractions of Dakhla. Ideally located at the junction of the Sahara and the Atlantic, this region of southern Morocco hides true jewels of the nature that you will not miss when you visit the island.

Sand golf, a free activity

A quarter of an hour from the centre of Dakhla is the Rio de Oro golf club, Morocco's first ecological golf course, which was created in 2016. Located between the sea and the desert, extending over nearly 34 hectares, this golf course stands out for its fine sand fairways.

The course respects the architecture of classic golf courses, except for the greens, which have given way to a unique course made of a mixture of stones, sand and earth. This golf course is not, however, a as deserted as you think it is. It is covered with a natural lawn, watered with seawater, which can withstand the extreme conditions of this region of Morocco very well. The beauty of this landscape unique makes the reputation of the site.

The original and entirely ecological golf course is composed of 9 holes. It can be adapted to all player levels. If you are a beginner, the golf academy is at your disposal. It is open to golfers of all ages. Children, young people and adults benefit from assistance during the journey. From the international coaches also provide them with practical courses.

Catamaran trip on the lagoon

Surfing is not the only way to enjoy the Dakhla lagoon. This sea-going itinerary is the playground for sailing enthusiasts. On board a catamaran, alone or rented with a skipper, you can play modern day explorers. At the water's edge, flamingos and other migratory bird species enjoy the sun, while in the water, dolphins, curves and other fish dazzle you with their unique sight. Your trip on board the catamaran usually takes you to Dragon Island, where you can enjoy a unique view of the entire bay.
If the landscape is unforgettable, life on the boat will also leave its mark on people's minds. You will be given an introduction to sailing. The skipper will give you sailors assignments to make the sea experience more friendly. At the end of the ride, you will be able to differentiate between your starboard and port side.


Are you more of a hiking and trekking enthusiast? You will not be disappointed by your visit to Dakhla either. There is no shortage of exploration opportunities in the region.

The white dune, accessible to the public free of charge

Among the natural sights of Dakhla, we can mention the white dune. It is a white sand dune in the shape of a crescent. At high tide, it turns into an island. To date, this phenomenon remains a real mystery. There is no reliable scientific data or theory to explain this. There are two ways to visit the white dune, in a 4x4 or during kitesurfing trips. Many hotels in the region offer this excursion to their guests.

The Imlili Desert, a free excursion

You can continue your exploration of the Dahkla region with an excursion to the Imlili Desert. For nearly 100 km, you will cross desert plains and abandoned villages, then leave the road to rush into the desert. And that's where the magic happens. In the heart of this desert area, between the cracked earth, green reeds, the first fruits of a vegetation, are timidly emerging.
As you continue your walk, you will come across the natural pools that emerge from nowhere in the heart of the desert. Nothing explains their presence, but one thing is certain, they are there, and the surprises do not stop there. On closer inspection, you can see that the pools in question are populated by small fish! How do they survive in this seemingly hostile place? A mystery! Admission to this site is free of charge.

Île du dragon, another site accessible free of charge

If you are not too excited about a boat trip, you can always visit Dragon Island. At low tide, it is possible to walk there. This walk will also be an opportunity for you to admire the ballet of kitesurfers and dolphins. As with the boat trip, pink flamingos and other migratory birds will serve as your welcoming committee.

Walking in the desert with electric ATVs

For those who enjoy cycling, there are excursions in the desert on electric mountain bikes. Even those who are not experienced cyclists can take this bike ride in the desert. The advantage of the electric bicycle is that it reduces the pedalling effort. When you climb the dunes, etc., the engine takes over, to allow you to rest your calf. The interest of the bike ride is that you are as close as possible to nature. You could better admire the lunar landscapes of this desert terrain.

Observation of birds on the edge of the lagoon or mammals and reptiles in the desert

Animal lovers will not be disappointed either when they visit Dakhla, this particular region where the sea meets the desert. During the various walks they will do, they will be able to make unexpected encounters with a unique bird or reptiles. But for those who really want to make animal watching one of their main activities in Dakhla, it is possible to go on safaris in the desert to meet the mammals and reptiles that have made their home in this atypical universe. There are also excursions on the coast to observe pink flamingos and other migratory birds that come to enjoy the sun in this part of Morocco.

Desert exploration in 4x4

For those who wish to trek in the desert, while enjoying a certain comfort, there are excursion routes in the desert in comfortable 4x4s. Exploring the desert thus becomes easier. This exploration of the desert in a 4x4 has its share of surprises in store for you. Between the unique landscapes, the unexpected animals that manage to live in this hostile environment, you will not know where to turn your head. If you don't think you have the necessary physical conditions for cycling, this exploration in a 4x4 offered by Océan Vagabond is an excellent choice.

Gastronomic discoveries and Moroccan specialities

Fine gourmets eager for new culinary experiences will also find their happiness in Dakhla. There are many culinary experiences to try in this region of Morocco.

Tasting of Sahrawi tea and other specialities in the Sahrawi village

In the desert, the Sahrawi Village has set up its tents, decorated in the Sahrawi traditions. The terraces have been placed to offer you a panoramic view of the ocean on the horizon. It is in this enchanting setting that Sahrawi tea is served at any time of the day, a mark of welcome and hospitality. You could also discover other specialities of Sahrawi cuisine.

Tasting of lobsters and oysters from the Dakhla farm in Talhamar

Dakhla has an oyster breeding station. There are also many lobsters in the region. To taste these shellfish and seafood, there is an address that is very popular with holidaymakers. It is the Talhamar. This restaurant, ideally located by the sea, which serves its dishes of oysters and lobsters in a friendly environment.
The opinions left by holidaymakers who ate at the Talhamar are mostly positive. All appreciate the friendliness of the place, the welcome, but also and above all the quality of the cuisine and the generosity of the dishes.

Tasting of fresh fish and octopus on the market

Located a little far away, far from the usual tourist attractions, the El Massira municipal market is well worth a visit. It has that authentic side that pleases so many in the covered markets of picturesque cities. The market is full of fresh produce, but close to the sea, the star of these markets is undoubtedly its variety of fish stalls. The choice is vast, and varied. Living sun beds, octopuses, shellfish of all kinds, fish lovers will have a wide range of choices. It is even possible to find fish weighing more than 18 kg. In addition to the variety of products, this market will surprise you with its great cleanliness. No unpleasant smell, no fly, tarnishes this enchanting setting.

Walks and relaxation

There are also many walking routes in the Dakhla region, to better meet the needs of hiking enthusiasts and those who want to relax in the heart of nature.

The Dakhla souk

Like all Moroccan cities, Dakhla has its own souk. Unlike Marrakech, the souk of Dakhla is a little small, but it is well worth a visit. You will even find souvenirs that you will find difficult to find in other Moroccan cities. Among the objects you will find in this souk is the Melhfa. It is this light fabric that women in the Sahara use to cover themselves. It can bring you a little freshness on your next visits to the desert.
Did you enjoy tasting Sahrawi tea in the Sahrawi Village? You will find this tea in bulk in the souk of Dakhla. You could make some more at home and impress your loved ones. In addition to tea, you will find acacia sap, which you could use to sweeten the tea. You will also find other local specialities such as el aych, this cereal widely consumed in this region of Morocco.

The beaches of Puerto Rico and Puertito

For you, holidays often rhyme with idleness in the sun? When you are in Dakhla, don't miss Puerto Rico. This small quiet village, located about sixty kilometres from Dakhla, has a heavenly beach. This beach, called "the king's private beach" has long been closed to the public. Today, this treasure of nature is open to holidaymakers who can then relax on its fine sandy beach and swim in its crystal clear water. The long immaculate beach, which seems endless, with a stone cliff in the middle, is a pleasant walking route. Located further south, Puerto's beach is just as beautiful as Puerto Rico. It is also worth a visit.

Hot water springs in Asmaa

If you like off-road activities, go to the desert, 35 km from the city. Asmaa's hot springs are located a thousand miles from traditional tourist circuits, in the heart of the desert. To get to this unique place, you must walk along a sandy track of about 25 km. The desert landscape that runs along the road does not allow you to foresee anything that awaits you. Suddenly, out of nowhere, there is a small house, then a crowd of tourists, the signs that you are coming to the right place. Beyond the crowd, you will see a powerful stream of water where you can swim. The smell of sulfur will invade your nostrils, but it will not bother you, especially if you have already had the pleasure of visiting other hot springs in Morocco.

Spa and massages in camps

To end your stay in Dakhla in style, nothing beats a moment of relaxation at the spa for a moment of pure relaxation. A hammam session followed by a pedicure and manicure session or rather a foot massage and facial treatment? It is up to you to choose the services and terms that suit you.
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