Best Kitesurf School in Tarifa, Espagne

There are many kite camps and kite schools located in the region of Tarifa, Andalusia.
Over the years and experiences we have got to know them and have selected for you the one that best meets our quality charter: education, infrastructure, conviviality... moreover it is the best kite camp in Tarifa in terms of quality of services and benefits.

A great week to perfect my knowledge as a beginner in kiteboarding: quality lessons, a great spot, flexibility, pedagogy, good mood guaranteed! Rich as much in human terms as in sporting terms :-) Thanks again to the team for making this stay an unforgettable experience ;)
- Sophie.

Book a kite course in Tarifa, Spain

Book your kitesurfing lessons in Tarifa here. We offer you different formulas: group lessons, semi-private lessons and private lessons. In all cases, you can choose to do 3 or 4 hours of classes per day.

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Kitesurf School in Tarifa, Spain

We offer courses for beginners but also for those looking to improve. Several types of courses are available to you:

Group classes:

4 students, 1 instructor, 2 sails.

Semi-private courses:

2 students, 1 instructor, 2 sails.

Private courses:

1 student, 1 instructor, 1 sail.

You have the option to choose the duration of your lessons:
- 3h or 4h for group and semi-private lessons.
- 2h or 3h for private classes

Great week of kitesurfing with lots of advice, good equipment, all in a good mood !
To be done again !
- Clément

Course schedule

Day 1: First Contact

    • Discovery of the kite area.
    • Choosing equipment, wind explanation, safety and set up.
    • Fly and control do 2 and 4 lines sail.


Day 2: In the water !

Day 3: on the board !

<I'm going to go to the gym and I'm going to have a good time.


  • First meters on the board.


I'm not sure what to do;

Day 4 and more: it sails !

  • Practicing kiteboarding.
  • Have fun and enjoy !

Accommodation in Tarifa, Spain

7 nights + 5 kite surfing lessons from 770€

For the full experience, we offerkite camp stays. You can stay in shared villas (with other sportsmen) for a friendly atmosphere or in private studios for more privacy.

Prices and Pre-Booking

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    Kitesurf School Tarifa, Spain
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