Contract between Ocean Adventure and the Client

On confirmation of the booking by payment of the deposit, Ocean Adventure and the client enter into a contract.
Under the terms of this contract we will apply a no refund policy on courses, rentals, accommodation and other services previously booked.

The client must accept that these are weather dependent sports and therefore the client must be flexible.

The client must also understand that the number of places per day is limited, therefore all bookings must be considered final once payment has been made.

The reservation is binding.
It is common to refuse booking requests because the slots allocated to the different activities are full, therefore each booking is firm and final.

The total payment of the whole booking must be paid in full as soon as possible, ideally 1 month after the first payment in order for the reservation to be validated. If this is not the case, the booking may be invalidated.

It is essential that the full amount of the course is paid before the start of the first session in order for the insurance conditions to be activated. Without full payment the student will not be able to join the first session.

Why do we have a no refund policy?

Over the years Ocean Adventure has built up a strong reputation for the quality of service, facilities, teachers and the attention to detail given to each student in terms of learning and safety.

Our destinations are the most frequent and suitable locations in the world for all types of water sports.
There are few impractical days in the year for teaching, however, it is important to note that wave and wind sports are subject to high, low and mid season periods.

The most capricious are the wind sports, such as kitesurfing, and in general, we have very good conditions in the middle and low seasons, where the winds are less predictable and sometimes absent.

For learning to surf all year round is excellent the variety of spots if your school plans to travel means that you are less dependent on wind conditions, and even in winter when the waves are bigger there are always fallback spots with perfect conditions.

However, it can also happen that the conditions are not obvious but possible. At this point the chief instructor describes the situation to the group, the possibilities of postponements, etc…

The session is attempted if all or part of the group agrees to try.

Any session started is due, however it is possible that the chief instructor decides to postpone a started session, or to charge only partially, if the session is really not satisfactory.

This is a commercial gesture which is not due and which depends on the sole judgement of the chief instructor.

The idea of each session is to increase even a minimum level of knowledge.

The client must understand that, in order to provide a high level of service, we must always have our operational teams, our latest equipment, our vehicles and our infrastructure ready, in order to cover all activities. These costs are fixed and do not depend on the execution or performance.

A lack of appropriate conditions cannot affect the revenue and the way we pay our teams or the way our structure will work. This is a risk that the client takes with knowledge and we strongly advise choosing the most appropriate periods.

For this reason we must consider all bookings as final and non-refundable. The number of clients per day is limited and the demand is very high, over the years we have established ourselves as a leader due to our quality of service and level of security.

Having said that, once again the variety and frequency of suitable conditions in the NORTH of Fuerteventura makes it one of the most suitable locations in the world, our schools never close, we are open 365 days a year.

In case of lack of conditions, what solutions do we offer to our clients?

It is clear that in the event of a lack of conditions, the aim is that the client does not lose out either.

– Ocean Adventure offers free access (subject to availability) to all alternative activities offered at the centre:

  • Surfing lessons
  • SUP lessons
  • Foil lessons (depending on level)
  • Wakeboarding sessions
  • Boat rides + SUP (weather permitting)
  • Equipment rental

Depending on the number of clients waiting, specific sessions can be organised in addition to the courses already planned by our teams.

The client has of course the right to refuse to do alternative activities if the cancellation is our fault, or if there is for example a lack of adequate weather… In case of refusal in such conditions the session will remain to the client’s credit.


During his stay the client must be aware that his sessions will be planned according to his wishes, however the client must be aware that these sports depend on specific conditions and it is our teams who decide each day the best time slots (wind, tides, water, weather events etc …)

Consequently, the client will communicate the duration of his stay, knowing that modifications to the initial schedule may be applied.

Confirmation of the course timetable will be made the evening before by email or telephone. In the event of a change in the schedule during the day, clients will be kept informed of developments on a regular basis until the session is confirmed or cancelled.

The client is obliged to attend the course that will be offered to him, obviously we try to accommodate the clients to the best of their wishes, sometimes it is just necessary to accommodate the conditions and availability that are present during the stay.

For whatever reason, a client who is duly informed and does not show up on time to leave with the group will lose their session, which will be deducted from their account.


At the end of the stay a count of the sessions will be made, all sessions having the same value, 1 session = 1 session whatever the sport practiced.

If the client has more sessions but does not cover the amount of the initial booking, no additional payment will be requested.

If the client does not have a number of sessions corresponding to the initial amount, a voucher will be issued, i.e. a document valid for 12 to 24 months corresponding to the remaining amount, which can be used to book lessons or to hire equipment or which can be used by a third party on request by e-mail from the holder. (The client can therefore resell or pass on this credit to someone else)

No voucher or credit will be issued in the event of no-show, cancellation by the client, client not contactable, etc.

– Ocean Adventure / INSURANCE

Ocean Adventure provides third party liability insurance for all its activities.
However, it is the client’s responsibility to take out their own travel and accident insurance to cover any costs that may arise from injury, whether or not it is an emergency or requires repatriation.

– Ocean Adventure / SPECIAL CASES

In the event of non-attendance for any reason, health problems, professional emergency, family matters, etc., we will provide, upon request, a written statement of the reasons for non-attendance,
We will provide, upon request, an invoice of the booking and actual payment, as well as a document indicating that the client could not attend for such and such a reason.

The client can present these documents to their travel insurance.

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