1. Luxury Stay

Today surfing holiday no longer rhymes with camping. And yes, like all holidaymakers, you want to be in places where the provisions are top of the range, with the comfort of a 5-star. You expect stays that will please and satisfy the whole family but also, of course courses and activities around surfing of high quality or even very high quality.

At Ocean Adventure, we understand that you not only want to improve your surfing technique (or discover this sport) but also enjoy treatments, massages, the benefits of a SPA...

Out-of-catalogue destinations from 1000 € per week per person

By booking your Luxury Surfing Break with Ocean Adventure you are booking above all original destinations and an unforgettable experience!

Whether it's in a dream resort, where luxury rhymes with high-end surfing lessons or whether it's on a boat, your Ocean Adventure organised holiday will transform your surfing holiday into a dream vacation and offer you a uniqueexperience of the highest quality in dream locations and always wherethe waves are the best.

2. Instant Booking

Book your stay in under 5 minutes.

We have camps in:
- Europe
- Africa
- Asia
- North and South America

3. Custom Quotation

The majority of our Kite Camps and Surf Camps operate by requesting Custom Quotes. Only some of our camps are accessible for instant booking.


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    Booking and Customed Trip
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