Ocean Adventure, Natural Park Resort - Kitesurf Camp Dakhla

€966 - 7 nights full board for 2 people in a private bungalow

Ocean Adventure offers you a complete disconnect in a surprising setting between sandbanks, ocean, lagoon and desert...
Enjoy a kitesurfing holiday in Dakhla in a Eco-responsible and comfortable camp facing the lagoon, right on the beach.

On the edge of a spot isolated from the crowds, come and recharge your batteries in one of our Berber-style Eco-lodges. The cob walls and roofs are incomparably efficient at keeping you cool. The bedding is comfortable and a decorated bathroom awaits you. Solar energy and phytodepuration are our technologies for respecting and integrating with nature!

Authenticity, Nature and Passion

A land of encounters, the Moroccan desert offers surprising landscapes where the blue immensity of the ocean intermingles with the orange-yellow expanses of the Sahara. Our spot enjoys an idyllic climate almost all year round, with constant sunshine and temperatures between 20°C and 28°C.

The Natural Park Resort kite camp is the perfect place to recharge your batteries in the middle of the desert and enjoy the lagoon.

Windsurfing, kitesurfing, surfing or standUp paddling, quite a programme, walking along the beaches, wildlife watching both in the desert and in the water

The Bar Restaurant & the Beach Bar

We love food almost as much as we love kitesurfing. So we offer international cuisine as well as local specialties! Breakfast, lunch and dinner are included in the room rate, so you don't have to worry about going hungry on your kite trip! Try couscous, tajines, chakchouka and delight your taste buds, our menu can be adapted for vegetarians and vegans!

There are two bars in the kitecamp, one in the kitecenter, on the beach, and the other in the restaurant. You can enjoy a Moroccan coffee in the morning and quench your thirst with a cool beer after your kiteboarding session in the afternoon. A fridge is available in the camp restaurant.

The bar-restaurant and its large terrace offer a beautiful view of the lagoon and the sunsets.

Mélanie C. September 2022 - Couple stays
"A place out of time, peaceful, where ochre colours dominate. .. A bay bathed in light and swept by birds...A spot full of twists and turns depending on the tides, the strength of the wind...small chop, swell further offshore and even small waves in strong winds along the beach...There's something to delight kite enthusiasts but also windsurfers!""

The Natural Swimming Pool

Fancy a swim between two kitesurfing sessions ? What could be better than a natural pool to cool off in, then as you walk along the lagoon, you'll have the chance to discover numerous animal species such as fiddler crabs, pink flamingos, as well as dozens of species of fish and birds ! You're particularly likely to spot dolphins in the distance. Learn more about what animals to see at Natural Park Resort, Dakhla.

Natural Park Resort, a wild and windy spot

The Dakhla peninsula has many assets that have made its reputation around the world: a daily sunshine, a regular North/North-East wind that blows between 15 and 25 knots more than 300 days a year, a mostly flat body of water and finally, a shallow lagoon at low tide hours offering a safe playground for practitioners.

The camp is located to the south of the Dakhla lagoon and the dune blanche. The spot is wild, just opposite your room and the kite school.

As well as offering you the privilege of being almost alone on the water, our ideal location gives you access to two spots on site:
- theprincipal freeride spot located just opposite the nautical base, accessible all day long.
- the spot "La Piscine", our local speed spot with a 100% flat stretch of water, accessible at high tide and where you'll have feet absolutely everywhere.

Package and Rates

Included in the Package:

    • Accommodation in Eco-lodge Luxury / Eco-lodge
  • Full board (breakfasts, dinners) Unique menu Approved by ourselves !
  • Sheets and towels, toilets, hot water
  • Airport transfers - Kitecamp (return)
  • Simplicity and well-being

High season 2024 :

From 6 February to 8 November 2024

Ecolodge Simple

twin 2

1 person

7 nights

Haute saison

Garden View

658 €

Sea View

735 €

Ecolodge Double

heliophora double

For 2 persons

7 nights

High season

Garden View

1 001 €

Sea View

1 078 €

Bungalow family

heliophora double

For 3 persons

7 nights

High season

Garden View

1 155 €

Sea View

1 232 €

Luxury bungalow Sea View

Bungalow Luxe-56
1 person

High saison : 7 nights - 812 €

2 persons High season : 7 nights - 1 197 €

3 persons (2 adults & 1 child under 15)

 High season : 7 nights - 1365 €

Nautical Activities Rates

I would like to award this hotel a 5+ gold rating for the unique service, hospitality, quality, simplicity and beauty of everything.
First of all, the spot is special shows the true meeting of the desert with the sea that I find a great place for water sports of all kinds (beginner to expert).- Abraham B

The only camp equipped with an e-foil!

The eFoil, or electric hydrofoil, offers a number of advantages for a kitesurfing camp in Dakhla, particularly on windless days or when learning to wingfoil. Here are a few key points:

  1. Ideal for windless days: When there's not enough wind for kitesurfing, the eFoil lets you continue to enjoy water activities. It's a great way to enjoy the water even when there's no wind.

  2. Progressive learning: The eFoil can be used as a learning tool for wingfoil beginners. Its stability and ease of control allow beginners to familiarise themselves with the sensation of gliding on a hydrofoil before moving on to practice with a wing.

  3. Improved balance and skills: Using an eFoil can help develop the balance and skills needed for wingfoil or kitesurfing, particularly in terms of managing trajectory and balance on a moving board.

  4. Accessibility: The eFoil is accessible to a wide range of riders, including those who may find kitesurfing too physically or technically demanding.


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    Ocean Adventure, Natural Park Resort – Kite Camp Dakhla
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