Surf Schools in France - The best courses!

Surf Schools in Biarritz, Basque Country


Surfing lessons in Biarritz

There are dozens of surf schools in Biarritz and in particular on the Basque Coast. Over the years we have come to know them and we have selected for you the best surfing lessons and courses on the Basque Coast: pedagogy, infrastructure, conviviality... Whether you are alone, in couple, with your family or in a group, Ocean Adventure will be able to answer perfectly to your desire to learn to surf.

This surf spot is very popular with beginners and longboarders as it has nice, gentle waves, sheltered from the north winds. Super popular with surfers from all over the world, surf schools and holidaymakers, everyone has to leave when the high tide clears the beach.

Surf Schools in Hendaye, Basque Country


Surfing lessons in Hendaye

Rozenn, your surfing instructor, will share her passion with you.  Whether you are alone, in couple, in family or in group, Ocean Adventure will know how to answer perfectly to your expectations. We also offer Surfguiding, the surf guide will help you to progress in addition to serving you the best spot of the day according to your level and expectations. Your qualified instructor will accompany you by minibus to the different beaches of the Basque Coast!

From beginners to intermediate and advanced levels, we will find the right wave for you to progress without age limit. Your surf instructor will accompany you throughout your learning process.


Surf Schools in Hossegor, Landes


Surfing lessons in Hossegor

We have selected for you the best surfing courses in Hossegor : teaching, infrastructure, conviviality... for Hossegor, we have chosen a high quality surfing school on La Centrale beach: the internationally renowned spot !

Is the beach of the bare asses the most dangerous? The answer to all these questions is very simple, in Hossegor, almost all the schools go surfing in the same place. On the north beach when there is very little swell, on the south beach when there is a lot of swell. Is it dangerous? If you don't know the currents, take a surfing lesson, your teacher will guarantee you maximum safety!

Surf Schools in Portugal, Surf all year round


Surfing lessons at Barge / Baleal

There are several dozens of surf schools in Peniche in Portugal. Over the years we have come to know them all and have selected for you the best surfing courses in Peniche: pedagogy, infrastructure, conviviality... We have chosen a high quality surf school. Whether you are alone, in couple, with your family or in a group, Ocean Adventure will perfectly meet your expectations.

Ideally located on the beach of Péniche, you will benefit from a high quality surfing lesson and will spend 1h30 in the water! Remember to book in advance because in summer and during school holidays, slots are taken over 7 days and there is no room for last minute bookings.


Surfing courses in Nazaré

Nazaré is a special place and known among big wave surfers as the best European big wave spot. We want to show you that Nazaré also has potential for beginners in surfing all year round. At our school we have only one goal: to give you the fantastic surfing experience, to teach you how to become a better surfer, in and out of the water, no matter what your experience level is.

It doesn't matter if you've never set foot on a surfboard before, if you surf alone or if you're already a pro. Ocean Adventure Surf Schools are prepared to work with any surfer profile.

Surf Schools in the Canary Islands


Surfing courses in Cotillo, Fuerteventura

There are many surf schools and surfcamps in Cotillo, Fuerteventura. Over the years we have got to know them and we have selected for you the one that best meets our quality standards: teaching, infrastructure, friendliness...

Our surf course lasts about 4 hours per day (driving to the beach, warm-up and a lot of time in the water). We meet at our surf school in the morning or early afternoon (depending on tides and weather conditions) - then our instructor takes the group to the beaches best suited to their level. We keep the groups as small as possible (max. 6-8 students per instructor), so that everyone gets maximum attention and progress in the shortest possible time.


Surfing courses in Corralejo, Fuerteventura

Often referred to as Europe's answer to Hawaii, the Canary Islands have some of the best and most consistent surf spots in Europe all year round. Its northern tip is ideally exposed to the west, north and east, making it a paradise for learning to surf as there is always a spot exposed to small swells, or conversely, a fallback spot, when the swell is strong. During the winter months, the beautiful Canary Island of Fuerteventura is lit up by a swell from the Atlantic, which creates excellent waves for everyone from beginners to expert surfers. 

Many people say that Fuerteventura is the crown jewel of the Canary Islands!

Surf Schools in Guadeloupe


Surfing courses in Guadeloupe

From Saint-François to Port-Louis via the Helleux beach in Sainte-Anne, come and learn to surf on the most beautiful waves at our Guadeloupe surf school. We have selected it because they give the best surfing courses in Guadeloupe: pedagogy, infrastructure, conviviality...
Whether you are alone, in couple, with your family or in group, Ocean Adventure will perfectly meet your expectations. Contact us : (0)7 83 88 57 70

Idyllic setting, super friendly teacher, good atmosphere and sound, personal advice. It's perfect! My instructor was passionate and it's contagious!

Surf Schools in Morocco


Surfing courses in Essaouira

The Essaouira region is well known for its strong wind, but in autumn and winter the wind stops, and Essaouira and its surroundings offer a multitude of unfamiliar places to discover. SURFS TRIPS in Essaouira can be organised to enjoy the best waves and discover the pearls of the region in pure guidance or coaching to progress on perfect and deserted waves. Our knowledge of the spots and their particularities will allow you to score a maximum according to the weather of the day. A progressive spot, on which you will quickly find your marks.

Suitable for all levels, it will delight beginners as well as the more experienced. Strong swell or small waves, the accessibility of Essaouira makes it an unequalled playground.

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