Kitesurf Dakhla: the 13 best Kitesurf Camps and Resorts in Dakhla, Morocco

There are dozens of surf, kitesurf, windsurf and wingfoil camps in Dakhla, Morocco. Over the years and through experience we've got to know them and we've classified the best hotels for all-inclusive kitesurfing holidays (kitesurfing course and full-board accommodation). Whether you'realone, a couple, a family or a group Ocean Adventure will meet your expectations perfectly.

In Dakhla, our establishments range from European standard to high-end addresses. Most visitors to Dakhla favourthe warm and friendly atmosphere offered by our exclusive kitesurf camps and resorts. Dedicated to kitesurfing enthusiasts and selected according to three essential criteria: accommodation, gastronomy, courses and premium kitesurfing equipment, our Kitecamps will meet your expectations !

Free 4x4 drive in the Sahara desert!

Over 700 customers have already book with us!

For half a day, you'll set off in search of the treasures of Dakhla! Depart in a 4X4 for an excursion to the White Dune. You'll discover imposing landscapes whose beauty is equalled only by its immensity.

An experience offered by Ocean Adventure for any stay (7 nights + 10h kitesurfing or wingfoil lessons) booked this month for a minimum of 2 people.
Cannot be combined with other promotions.

Kitesurf Camp: Natural Park Resort

Un séjour plein de rebondissements chez Rachid, le champion local qui a ridé pour le Maroc aux jeux olympiques en début 2000. Un passionné, aux origines du développement du kitesurf à Dakhla. 

Sold out from 6 to 8 May.

Kitesurf, WingFoil, Windsurf, E-Foil
7 nights for 2 people in a private bungalow - €966*

*Full board, airport transfers included.
Childcare service on request.

Back to basics in this modern and comfortable kitesurfing camp, with a capacity of 50 people, built in the purest Berber tradition. A comfortable yet timeless place, peaceful, in the heart of nature. A bay bathed in light and swept by birds and a wide range of wildlife.This exclusive area offers varied spots for kitesurfing, windsurfing and wingfoil, in flat water or with a little chop for jumps!

>> New: 3 new luxury sea-view bungalows <<

I met Rachid when he set up Dakhla Attitude 15 years ago. I've been there several times and it was very good, but now it's too crowded. I prefer to come here with my partner because it's smaller and more family-friendly. We enjoy kitesurfing and holidays so much more !

François C.

Ocean Adventure, The Lagoon

Sold out from 30 April to 14 May.

Kitesurfing, Wingfoil and Surfing
1392€ - 7 nights for 2 people in a private bungalow* with daily yoga, pool and kids club

*Full board, airport transfers included.

The best option for combining sports holidays and relaxation in an idyllic setting. Beach hotel,or rather kitesurfing camp, quality cuisine, lively bar, equestrian centre, spa, gym, conference room and nautical centre. This kitesurfing camp is a convivial place that will satisfy all your desires. To spend sporty surf and kitesurf holidays with family, friends, lovers or solo, it is a quiet and pleasant place to live where you can rest, share and exchange. Access to the spa at an additional cost.

Cyril B : One-week family kitesurfing trip to Dakhla Le Lagon

"We had a wonderful trip to Dakhla Le Lagon. The boarding house lived up to our expectations and the food was very good. The instructors were very friendly and we all made good progress in kitesurfing and wing foiling. There was a good general atmosphere at the camp. The quad bike tour of the Dune Blanche was great, as was the horse ride on the beach. A destination to recommend for sporty families !


Ocean Adventure Lassarga : Surf & Kitesurf Resort

A few places in tents and shared bungalows. No more private bungalows until 20 May. Sold out from 8 to 15 May. 2 bedroom villas available on request.

Waves from 150 to 400m long for all levels, 2 exclusive kitesurf spots in flat water and ocean. A surf resort in paradise!

Surfing, Wing Foil, Windsurfing & Kitesurfing

€707 - 7 nights full board for 1 person

In shared bungalow with daily yoga class & airport transfers.

By staying at this camp, you'll have access to Lassarga's 2 exclusive spots. Built on stilts, our wooden eco Lodges blend in perfectly with its surroundings and offer you a high-quality hotel service. Our bungalows have been designed as places of well-being and privacy, each equipped with quality bedding to ensure you get the best possible sleep. We also provide bath and beach towels. A spa, a new yoga room and a nanny service will delight all parents.

Sebastien's passion for kitesurfing and the waves led him to found a multi-sports camp with a heavenly experience. On this white sandy beach, you'll enjoy the luxury of calm and nature after a good session of sport.

We had a superb week, with sun, wind, very friendly instructors, a great atmosphere, excellent service and excellent food. A real treat. I highly recommend Lassarga as there are very few people in the water.

Celine ( qui remonte au vent😎)

Ocean Energy Kitesurf Camp

A stay in an oasis of comfort, in an extraordinary setting for a 100% kitesurfing holiday.

Sold out on the nights of 1 to 2.04, 07 to 14.04, 19 to 21.04, 01 to 12.05, 28/06 to 05/07

From 1 040 €* - 7 nights full board for 2 people

* In a private bungalow + Daily yoga classes + Airport transfers

Surf and Kite surf - Beginners to Advanced
Ocean Energy, formerly Ocean Vagabond, is a privileged destination: beach hotel, world cuisine, lively beach bars, massage & yoga centre. This friendly place will satisfy all your desires. Whether you're with family, friends, lovers or on your own, the lagoon is a calm and pleasant place where you can relax, share, exchange ideas and marvel in complete serenity during your stay.

Kitesurf Resort "The Circle"

Sold out from 3 to 11 May

1 592€ - 7 nights for 2 people in a private bungalow + Daily yoga classes

*Full board, airport transfers included

Ideal for relaxing and rejuvenating between adventurous moments on the dakhla lagoon, our accommodation is inspired by the surrounding natural environment and local Moroccan culture, offering everything from traditional Riad-style rooms to modern villas and lodgesthe gastronomic side is not left out, on the contrary, a renowned chef is on site every day and offers a menu that will delight you morning, noon and night. Our rooms feature outdoor showers, comfortable furnishings, terraces and intricate design touches.

Nicolas C. "Here, from the reception on a bed of sand, to the terrace on the neighbouring hill designed for admiring the sunset, to the fire on the communal terrace and, of course, the bedrooms... everything is done to ensure you have an extraordinary experience !

The best instructors in the world have the Naish label. Inspired by the famous windsurfer Robye Naish, it offers a year-round programme with world-renowned pro athletes running camps ideal for intermediate and advanced riders looking to take their riding to the next level and ride with their favourite pros.

Kitesurf Resort de la Dune Blanche

From €1,817 * in a private bungalow 7 nights for 2 people

*Half board + airport transfers

For the unforgettable view, perhaps the most beautiful in all of Dakhla: facing the White Dune and surrounded by canyons, absolute change of scenery. We choose this accommodation for its incredible environment, in the heart of astill wild and protected nature. Birds and pink flamingos will accompany your morning stroll. Imagine each sunrise illuminating the peaks of the dunes, tinting the sky with brilliant hues, while the whispering wind lulls you into a soothing silence.

Nature & Spa - 1st Luxury Kitesurf Resort in Dakhla

Full Kitecamp from 5 to 8 May & from 25 to 29 June

From €1988 - 7 nights full board for 2 people in private bungalow

5 European stars & the best restaurant in Dakhla
Exclusive kitesurfing area for beginners and advanced riders

Luxury kitesurfing resort offeringtotal immersion in an oasis in the middle of the desert, all mixed with high-end service. Combining refined design with eco-responsible accommodation made entirely from Douglas fir, every detail from handcrafted furniture to international cuisine enhanced bylocal flavours, everything is designed for the perfect experience. You will enjoy relaxing at the bar under the pergola with a cocktail in hand, while enjoying a panoramic view of the lagoon.

Kitesurf Camp La Piscine Dakhla

From €925* - 7 nights full board + 14h kitesurfing lessons for 1 person

*In standard bungalow + airport transfers

The Kitecamp La Piscine, offers all the necessary comfort while being in the middle of the desert. It is the ideal kitesurfing spot in Dakhla for those who simply want to relax while learning or improving their skills and exploring the stunning scenery nearby. Located just a few metres from the lagoon and surrounded by sand dunes.

Kitesurf Resort Lagon & Spa Dakhla

Full from 6 to 9 May

1479€ - 7 nights for 2 people in a private room

In an exceptional setting, the hotel is situated on the Dakhla lagoon, 100 metres from the water's edge, between the sea and the desert. You'll relax and experience a sensational adventure in southern Morocco, the ideal setting for rare moments of adventure and letting off steam.

Kitesurf Resort Beach Club

Full from 1 to 9 May

1 463 €* - 7 nights full board for 2 persons

*In private bungalow + Airport transfers

Beginners to advanced

We offer you a comfortable camp located in the lagune of Dakhla. All the bungalows in the establishment have a stunning view of the site. Stay in a welcoming camp with colourful decoration, ideal place to combine sport and relaxation.

Kitesurf & Surf Camp at la Pointe de Dakhla

From €1,078 - 7 nights full board for 2 people

In a private bungalow + Airport transfers

Beginner to advanced
Dedicated to surfing, this camp is located on the west coast of Dakhla, facing the Atlantic. Our bungalows offerwellbeing and privacy, choose the view that makes you dream, whether it's the ocean, our pool or our sumptuous Moroccan garden. The silence of the desert ensures that your nights are free from disturbance.

Kitesurf Camp Watersport du Lagon

From €1361 - 7 nights full board for 2 people

*In private chalet + Airport Transfers
Our luxury Water Camp is situated on the edge of one of the best kiteboarding lagoons in the world, facing the water towards the town of Dakhla. It's close enough to escape to another world away from the crowds. For the duration of your stay, your chalet is situated on 160,000 m2 of beautiful coastal desert with the entire beachas private access, making it your own personal retreat. You'll feel like you're on the other side of the world.

Very nice camp. Freshly delivered but beware, they don't sell alcohol !

Kitesurf camp Dakhla Spirit

798 € - 7 nights full board for 2 people in a private bungalow

From beginner to advanced
Here's a kite camp with a relaxed atmosphere: the friendliness, excellent food and stunning scenery around these bungalows will give you a change of scene. Situated on the edge of the lagoon, this kite camp will also win you over with its smiling, helpful team.

Kitesurf camp Dakhla PK28

From €959 - 7 nights with breakfast for 2 people

Private bungalow + airport transfer

From beginner to advanced
With a direct view of the sea, the bungalows at the Dakhla kitesurf camp are designed according to the Green-Housing concept: natural heating system, solar energy and waste water recycling system. Only 100m separate you from the beach, so you can kite all day long.

Kitecamp Dakhla Palms

From €1450 - 7 nights full board for 2 people

Bungalow + 10h kitesurfing + airport transfer

Dakhla Kitesurf Camp is located 28 kilometres north of Dakhla and was created on the initiative of a Moroccan family. Our kitecamp will welcome you in an authentic and unique place located between desert and ocean. You will be accommodated in a bungalow and you will wake up every morning with a magnificent view of the Dakhla lagoon.

Kite all day and relax in the evening. Tranquillity and nature are the key words for an unforgettable 100% kitesurfing holiday!

In summer, temperatures are around 28° during the day and 19° at night. In winter, it's 22° during the day and 15° at night, perfect for a week's kitesurfing in the middle of the desert! You'll find dream spots on flat water or with waves, as well as a wide choice of hotels, resorts and kitecamps ranging from mid-range to top-of-the-range with full board. There's something for all the family and all budgets.

"Located in the heart of Morocco, at the gateway to the Sahara desert, the mild winter temperatures make it the best destination for Europeans !"

The best time to come to surf the waves of Dakhla in Morocco is from November to March. For kitesurfing, April to November is when the wind blows the strongest, but you can fly all year round in Dakhla with good water and air temperatures.

Above you'll find aselection of our favourite Dakhla accommodation, depending on what you're looking for: low budget, friendly atmosphere, proximity to kitesurfing spots, childcare, spas and massage... and exclusive kitesurfing spots, with few people in the water.

Groups and company seminars

We have camps that are perfect for accommodating large numbers. Your corporate seminars will go off without a hitch in this place with many high-quality services. Oriented towards your well-being, this camp offers spa sessions and massages as well as yoga, surfing lessons and excursions.

As our philosophy is "Better together", we want to share with you special offers and prices if you come with your favourite group of people. Colleagues, friends from work, university or childhood friends. For Works Councils (CE) and Companies: team building activities are ideal.

Kitesurf Camp Beach Party

875€ - 7 nights full board for 2 people in a private bungalow

Enjoy a kiteboarding holiday in a camp facing the lagoon !

One of the cheapest camps in the whole of Dakhla (almost 50% cheaper than elsewhere), it is ideal for young people, couples and families looking for a festive and sporting atmosphere. With its many facilities and à la carte activities, this camp is renowned for its lively evenings and world-renowned spots: speed spot, dune blanche, etc. A cable-park will help you improve your jumping, manoeuvres and landings !

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    1-Natural Park Resort2-Le Lagon3-Kite Surf Resort4-Ocean Energy5-Kitesurf Resort Lagon & Spa6-Kitesurf Resort Les Dunes7-Kitesurf Camp Watersport Resort8-Lassarga9-Surf resort La pointe9-Surf resort La pointe10-Kitesurf Resort La Cercle11-Nature & Spa

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    Collectif (uniquement disponible à Lassarga)Bungalow privé

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    Kitesurf Dakhla: the 13 best Kitesurf Camps and Resorts in Dakhla, Morocco
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