Kitesurf Dakhla: the 11 best Kitesurf Camps and Resorts in Dakhla, Morocco

There are dozens of surf, kitesurf, windsurf and wingfoil camps in Dakhla, Morocco. Over the years and through experience we've got to know them and we've classified the best hotels for all-inclusive kitesurfing holidays (kitesurfing course and full-board accommodation). Whether you'realone, a couple, a family or a group Ocean Adventure will meet your expectations perfectly.

In Dakhla, our establishments range from European standard to high-end addresses. Most visitors to Dakhla favourthe warm and friendly atmosphere offered by our exclusive kitesurf camps and resorts. Dedicated to kitesurfing enthusiasts and selected according to three essential criteria: accommodation, gastronomy, courses and premium kitesurfing equipment, our Kitecamps will meet your expectations !

Free 4x4 drive in the Sahara desert!

Over 450 customers have already put their trust in us!

For half a day, you'll set off in search of the treasures of Dakhla! Depart in a 4X4 for an excursion to the White Dune. You'll discover imposing landscapes whose beauty is equalled only by its immensity.

An experience offered by Ocean Adventure for any stay (7 nights + 10h kitesurfing or wingfoil lessons) booked this month for a minimum of 2 people.
Cannot be combined with other promotions.

Kitesurf Camp: Natural Park Resort

Un séjour plein de rebondissements chez Rachid, le champion local qui a ridé pour le Maroc aux jeux olympiques en début 2000. Un passionné, aux origines du développement du kitesurf à Dakhla. 

Kitecamp fully booked from 4 to 12 April, see you in our other kitecamp on these dates !

Kitesurf, WingFoil, Windsurf, E-Foil
7 nights for 2 people in a private bungalow - €966*

*Full board, airport transfers included.
Childcare service on request.

Back to basics in this modern and comfortable kitesurfing camp, with a capacity of 50 people, built in the purest Berber tradition. A comfortable yet timeless place, peaceful, in the heart of nature. A bay bathed in light and swept by birds and a wide range of wildlife.This exclusive area offers varied spots for kitesurfing, windsurfing and wingfoil, in flat water or with a little chop for jumps!

>> New: 3 new luxury sea-view bungalows <<

I met Rachid when he set up Dakhla Attitude 15 years ago. I've been there several times and it was very good, but now it's too crowded. I prefer to come here with my partner because it's smaller and more family-friendly. We enjoy kitesurfing and holidays so much more !

François C.

Ocean Adventure, Le Lagon

1320€ - 7 nuits en pension complète pour 2 personnes en bungalow privé avec piscine La meilleure option pour allier vacances sportives et repos dans un cadre idyllique. Hôtel de plage, ou plutôt camp de kitesurf , cuisine de qualité, bar animé, centre équestre, spa, salle de sport, salle de conférence et centre nautique, ce camp de kitesurf est un lieu convivial qui comblera toutes vos envies. Pour passer des vacances sportives surf et kitesurf en famille, entre amis, en amoureux ou en solo, c’est un lieu de vie calme et agréable où vous pourrez vous reposer, partager et échanger.

Kitesurfing, Wingfoil and Surfing
1392€ - 7 nights for 2 people in a private bungalow* with daily yoga, pool and kids club

*Full board, airport transfers included.

The best option for combining sports holidays and relaxation in an idyllic setting. Beach hotel,or rather kitesurfing camp, quality cuisine, lively bar, equestrian centre, spa, gym, conference room and nautical centre. This kitesurfing camp is a convivial place that will satisfy all your desires. To spend sporty surf and kitesurf holidays with family, friends, lovers or solo, it is a quiet and pleasant place to live where you can rest, share and exchange. Access to the spa at an additional cost.

Cyril B : One-week family kitesurfing trip to Dakhla Le Lagon

"We had a wonderful trip to Dakhla Le Lagon. The boarding house lived up to our expectations and the food was very good. The instructors were very friendly and we all made good progress in kitesurfing and wing foiling. There was a good general atmosphere at the camp. The quad bike tour of the Dune Blanche was great, as was the horse ride on the beach. A destination to recommend for sporty families !


Kitesurf Resort Beach Club, Ocean Adventure

Ocean Adventure Beach Club Kite Camp Dakhla, Maroc

From €775* - 7 nights with breakfast for 2 people

*In private bungalow + Airport transfers

Ocean Adventure offers you total disconnection in a surprising setting between sandbanks, ocean, lagoon and desert. This kitesurfing camp, the Dakhla Beach Club is located in the heart of the Dakhla desert, on the ocean side, on the northern edge of a vast lagoon where kitesurfing and wingfoil are king.

If you just want to relax, you'll feel right at home. Between the beach, our delicious cuisine, bar, pool, wellness and yoga area, you'll be spoilt for choice. Whether you come with family, friends, as a couple or solo, it's the ideal place to relax, share, exchange and marvel in an atmosphere of tranquillity.

Ocean Energy

From 1,048 €* - 7 nights full board for 2 people

* In a private bungalow + Daily yoga class + Airport transfers

Surf and Kite surf - Beginners to Advanced
Ocean Energy, formerly Ocean Vagabond, is a privileged destination: beach hotel, world cuisine, lively beach bars, massage centre & yoga. Ocean Adventure offers you a friendly place that will satisfy all your desires. To discover with family, friends, lovers or solo, the lagoon is a calm and pleasant place to live where you can rest, share, exchange and marvel in complete serenity during your stay.

Kitesurf Resort Lagoon & Spa Dakhla

€1479 - 7 nights for 2 people in a private room

In an exceptional setting, the hotel is located on the Dakhla lagoon, 100 metres from the water's edge, between the sea and the desert. You'll relax and experience a sensational adventure in southern Morocco, the ideal setting for rare moments of adventure and letting off steam.

Kitesurf Resort des Dunes

€1,463* - 7 nights full board for 2 people

*In private bungalow + Airport transfers

Beginners to advanced

We offer you a comfortable camp located in the lagune of Dakhla. All the bungalows in the establishment have a stunning view of the site. Stay in a welcoming camp with colourful decoration, the ideal place to combine sport and relaxation.

Kitesurf Camp Watersport Resort

From €1,361 - 7 nights full board for 2 people

*In private chalet + Airport transfers
Our luxury Water Camp is situated on the edge of one of the best lagons of kitesurfing in the world, facing the water towards the town of Dakhla. It's close enough to escape and yet another world away from the crowds. For the duration of your stay, your chalet is situated on 160,000 m2 of beautiful coastal desert with the entire beach as private access, making it your own personal retreat. You'll feel like you're on the other side of the world.

Very nice camp. Freshly delivered but beware, they don't sell alcohol !

Ocean Adventure Lassarga : Surf & Kitesurf Resort

A few places in shared tents. Bungalows fully booked from 18 to 22.03 and from 28 to 31.03, as well as on 11,12,14, 16 and 26.04. Camp fully privatised from 10 to 17/05/24.

Waves from 150 to 400m long for all levels, 2 exclusive kitesurfing spots in flat water and ocean. A surf resort in paradise !

Surfing, Wing Foil, Windsurfing & Kitesurfing

€707 - 7 nights full board for 1 person

In shared bungalow with daily yoga class & airport transfers.

By staying at this camp, you'll have access to Lassarga's 2 exclusive spots. Built on stilts, our wooden eco Lodges blend in perfectly with its surroundings and offer you a high-quality hotel service. Our bungalows have been designed as places of well-being and privacy, each equipped with quality bedding to ensure you get the best possible sleep. We also provide bath and beach towels. A spa, a new yoga room and a nanny service that will delight all parents.

Sebastien's passion for kitesurfing and the waves led him to found a multi-sports camp with a heavenly experience. On this white sandy beach, you'll enjoy the luxury of calm and nature after a good session of sport.

We had a superb week, with sun, wind, very friendly instructors, a great atmosphere, excellent service and excellent food. A real treat. I highly recommend Lassarga as there are very few people in the water.

Celine ( qui remonte au vent😎)

Dakhla Point Surf Resort

From €1,078 - 7 nights full board for 2 people

In private bungalow + Airport transfers

Beginner to advanced
Dedicated to surfing, this camp is located on the west coast of Dakhla, facing the Atlantic. Our bungalows offerwellbeing and privacy, choose the view that makes you dream, whether it's the ocean, our pool or our sumptuous Moroccan garden. The silence of the desert ensures nights without anything to disturb your sleep.

Kitesurf Resort "Le Cercle"

€1,592 - 7 nights for 2 people in a private bungalow + Daily yoga classes

*Full board, airport transfers included

Ideal for relaxing and rejuvenating between adventurous moments on the dakhla lagoon, our accommodation is inspired by the surrounding natural environment and local Moroccan culture, offering everything from traditional Riad-style rooms to modern villas and lodgesthe gastronomic side is not left out, on the contrary, a renowned chef is on site every day and offers a menu that will delight you morning, noon and night. Our rooms feature outdoor showers, comfortable furnishings, terraces and intricate design touches.

Nicolas C. "Here, from the reception set on a bed of sand, to the terrace on the nearby hill designed to admire the sunset, via the fire on the communal terrace and of course the bedrooms... everything is done to ensure that you have an extraordinary experience !"

The best instructors in the world have the Naish label. Inspired by the famous windsurfer Robye Naish, it offers a year-round programme with world-renowned pro athletes running camps ideal for intermediate and advanced riders looking to take their riding to the next level and ride with their favourite pros.

Ocean Adventure, Nature & Spa - 1st Luxury Kitesurf Resort in Dakhla

Kitecamp fully booked from 25 to 29 June, see you in our other kitecamp on these dates !

From €1988 - 7 nights full board for 2 people in a private bungalow

5 European stars & the best restaurant in Dakhla
Exclusive Kitesurfing area for beginners and advanced.

Luxury kitesurfing resort offeringtotal immersion in an oasis in the middle of the desert, all mixed with high-end service. Combining refined design with eco-responsible accommodation made entirely from Douglas fir, every detail from handcrafted furniture to international cuisine enhanced bylocal flavours, everything is designed for the perfect experience. You'll enjoy relaxing at the bar under the pergola with a cocktail in hand, while enjoying a panoramic view of the lagoon.

Carte de Dakhla : Vue de la lagune avec les meilleurs camps, spots de kitesurf et tirants d'eau pour le wingfoil


Kite all day and relax in the evening. Tranquillity and nature will be the watchwords of an unforgettable 100% kitesurfing holiday!

In summer, temperatures are around 28° during the day and 19° at night (as in Biarritz). In winter, it's 22° during the day and 15° at night, perfect for a week's kitesurfing in the middle of the desert! You'll find dream spots on flat water or with waves, and there's a wide choice of hotels, resorts and kitecamps from mid-range to top-of-the-range with full board. There's something for all the family and all budgets.

The best time to come and surf the waves at Dakhla in Morocco is from November to March. For kitesurfing, April to November is when the wind blows strongest, but you can fly all year round in Dakhla with good water and air temperatures.

Below is a selection of our favourite Dakhla accommodation, depending on what you're looking for: low budget, friendly atmosphere, proximity to kitesurf spots, childcare, spas and massage... and exclusive kitesurf spots with few people in the water.

Groups and company seminars

With its large accommodation capacity, this surf camp is perfect for welcoming large numbers of people. Your corporate seminars will go off without a hitch in this place with its many high-quality services. With your well-being in mind, this surfcamp offers spa sessions and massages, as well as yoga, surfing lessons and excursions. You can stay in suites or villas.
A group surfing holiday is always more fun and cheaper! As our philosophy is "Better together", we want to share with you special offers and prices if you come with your favourite group of people. Colleagues, friends from work, university or childhood buddies: catch a few waves together, go back to surf camp and share a few beers or smoothies... For Works Councils and Companies: team building activities are ideal.

The main questions you have

1Should I choose a hotel or a Kitecamp?
Accommodation in Dakhla is diversified to meet the different needs and preferences of visitors. It can be divided mainly into two categories: traditional hotels and kitesurfing camps.

Traditional hotels in Dakhla :

Traditional hotels in Dakhla offer a more traditional and conventional accommodation experience. They can vary from luxury establishments to more affordable options, and are usually equipped with amenities such as restaurants, bars, room service, swimming pools, spas, and sometimes fitness facilities. These hotels can offer a higher level of comfort and service than kitesurf camps. They may also be located in different parts of the city, which can offer visitors a greater variety of local experiences.

Kitesurfing camps in Dakhla:

Kitesurfing camps in Dakhla offer a more specialised sport-oriented experience. They are usually located directly on the beach or nearby, offering easy access to kitesurfing spots. Many of these camps offer packages including accommodation, meals and kitesurfing lessons or equipment hire.

Accommodation at these camps can vary from luxury tents (glamping) to bungalows or chalets. Amenities can be more basic than at traditional hotels, although many camps offer amenities such as on-site restaurants, communal areas to relax, and sometimes additional activities such as yoga or paddle boarding.

The atmosphere in kitesurfing camps is generally more relaxed and social than in traditional hotels. They are often favoured by those who are primarily in Dakhla for the kitesurfing and want to be surrounded by a community of like-minded people.

In summary, the choice between a traditional hotel and a kitesurfing camp in Dakhla will mainly depend on individual preferences, budget, and the purpose of the stay. Hotels can offer more comfort and services, while kitesurfing camps offer a more sport- and community-oriented experience.
2Dakhla Lagoon: summary scientific description
The Dakhla Lagoon, also known as the baie de Dakhla, is an impressive body of water that stretches for around 40 kilometres along the Atlantic coast of Western Sahara. Situated on a peninsula, the lagoon is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean on one side and the Sahara Desert on the other, creating ascape that is truly unique and striking.

Geographical and environmental features:

The lagoon is actually a stretch of brackish water, i.e. a combination of fresh and salt water. It is a rich and diverse ecosystem, home to a variety of animal and plant species. The lagoon is known for its biodiversity, including a wide variety of migratory birds that use the area as a stopover on their migratory route.

The lagoon is also characterised by its flat, shallow waters . This makes itideal for kitesurfing, particularly for beginners and families, as conditions are generally safer and easier to manage than in the open waters of the ocean.

Kitesurfing conditions

The Dakhla lagoon offers nearly perfect conditions for kitesurfing. It benefits from constant winds all year round, with particularly strong intensity between April and September. The winds generally blow from land to sea (offshore wind), creating flat water conditions ideal for kitesurfing.

In addition, the expanse of the lagoon means there is plenty of space for kitesurfers, reducing the risk of collisions and allowing everyone to progress at their own pace. The shallow water is also a advantage for beginners and families, as it allows you to stand up in the water in most areas.


The lagoon is a place of interest for nature lovers, as it is home to a wide variety of birds, including flamingos, spoonbills and terns. It is also a breeding ground for dolphins and certain species of fish.

All in all, the Dakhla lagoon offers a unique combination of natural beauty, biodiversity, and exceptional kitesurfing conditions. Whether you're a family looking for a sporting activity or simply looking for a place to relax and admire nature, Dakhla lagoon has something to offer everyone.
3What is the water temperature in Dakhla Morocco?
The water temperature in Dakhla, Morocco, generally varies between 17°C in winter (December to February) and up to 22°C in summer (June to August).
4Why start kitesurfing in dakhla, morocco?
Dakhla, Morocco, is a great place to start kitesurfing for a number of reasons:

Favourable weather conditions:Dakhla enjoys a windy climate all year round, making it an exceptional kitesurfing spot. Winds are generally steady and predictable, which is ideal for beginners learning to master their kites.

Dakhla lagoon: This is a favourite spot for beginners. The lagoon offers a vast expanse of flat, shallow water, which makes learning to kitesurf much easier.

Kitesurfing schools: Dakhla has several reputable kitesurfing schools offering courses for all levels, from beginner to advanced. These schools are generally well equipped and have qualified instructors who can help you learn safely.

Length of kitesurfing season: The kitesurfing season in Dakhla is relatively long, from March to November, giving you plenty of flexibility when planning your trip.

Diversity of kitesurfing conditions: As well as the lagoon, Dakhla also offers waves for those who would like to try kitesurfing in the surf once they are more comfortable with the sport. This makes Dakhla an excellent place to progress and develop your kitesurfing skills.

Cultural trip: Finally, apart from kitesurfing, Dakhla offers the chance to discover Moroccan culture, delicious cuisine and the beautiful landscapes of the Western Sahara.
5What are our packages for a kite holiday in dakhla?
As a general rule, our kitesurfing camp packages in Dakhla are all inclusive, including breakfast, lunch and dinner, wifi, accommodation, etc... Everything you need for optimum comfort! With our kitesurfing packages, we recommend a minimum of 12 hours of semi-private kitesurfing lessons, which enables our students to become autonomous (riding upwind and making transitions is the ultimate objective on a kitetrip to Dakhla!) If you decide to take more or fewer lessons, let us know and we'll adjust the quote accordingly!
6What type of accommodation is best for a kite holiday in Dakhla?
It all depends on what you're looking for. At the bottom of our kitecamp pages you'll find a summary of the rooms we have available each time. If you're a solo traveller, opt for the solo traveller room, if you're a family, a family bungalow and if you're a couple looking for comfort and privacy you can opt for a luxury double bungalow!
7How long is a kitesurfing holiday in Dakhla?
Most of it stays 7 nights, 8 days. But 15 days is the ideal length for learning to kitesurf. Some stay 3 weeks to 1 month.
8Which school is best for learning to kitesurf?
We recommend Ion Club, which is the number 1 in learning, evolving, and performing kitesurfing.
9How strong is the wind in Dakhla?
Wind speeds in Dakhla vary between 15 and 25 knots on average throughout the year, with periods of stronger winds during the summer (May to September) when they can reach up to 30 knots. The winds at Dakhla are mainly northerly and north-easterly, giving a side onshore wind over the lagoon, ideal for kitesurfing.
10What activities can you do in Dakhla apart from kitesurfing?
Dakhla is not just a kitesurfing paradise.
There are a variety of other activities that you can enjoy in this beautiful region of Morocco :

Surfing and Stand Up Paddle (SUP): With an extensive coastline and generally calm seas, Dakhla is ideal for surfing and SUP. There are schools offering lessons for all levels.

Birdwatching: Dakhla National Park is an excellent place for birdwatching. It is home to a wide variety of migratory birds, including flamingos.

Safari by 4x4 in the desert: The Western Sahara offers arid, desert beauty. You can hire a 4x4 or join a guided tour to explore the area.

Fishing: Fishing is a popular activity in Dakhla. You can hire a boat and head out for a day of deep sea fishing.

Relaxing in local spas: Dakhla has a few wellness facilities where you can enjoy relaxing massages after an active day.

Day trips: There are several interesting places to visit close to Dakhla, such as Dakhla Lagoon, Golden Point, Dragon Island, and more.

Tasting the local cuisine: Don't miss the chance to sample the local cuisine. Seafood, in particular, is a must in Dakhla.

In short, there's plenty to do in Dakhla apart from kitesurfing, whether you're a nature lover, an adventurer or just looking to relax and enjoy the beauty of the area.
11What other activities are available in addition to kitesurfing?
In addition to kitesurfing, in Dakhla you can practice surfing, wingfoil and windsurfing.
12What are the best airlines to fly to Dakhla Morocco?
Royal Air Maroc: Morocco's national airline, Royal Air Maroc, offers regular flights to Dakhla from several Moroccan cities, including Casablanca, which is a major hub with international flights.

Air Arabia Maroc: This low-cost airline also offers flights to Dakhla from several Moroccan cities, including Casablanca and Marrakech.

Transavia France : Depending on the season, this budget airline offers direct flights to Dakhla from Paris.
13Is it possible to downwind in Dakhla?
Yes, it is possible to go downwind, our partners offer downwinds from 30 km to 300 km. Find out more about Dakhla Downwind.
14Why visit Dakhla?
Dakhla is a little paradise that should be discovered at least once in your life. Sun, sand and clear water make for a relaxing holiday.

However, its cultural wealth is also worth a diversion.

In general, board sports enthusiasts are the main visitors to this Moroccan gem, but surfing and kitesurfing are far from its only attraction. Find out more about why visit Dakhla?
15Where to go out and party in Dakhla?
After a good day's kiteboarding and a good meal, you'll be won over by the different evening entertainment on offer, depending on which camp you're at! In Dakhla, kitesurfing sets the pace for the day, and after several hours in the water, sports enthusiasts like to relax or take advantage of the evening to meet new people by the fire with a little local concert. Find out more about where to go out in Dakhla?
16What animals can you see in Dakhla, Morocco?
When it comes to Dakhla, the first thing that springs to mind is its beauty. Dakhla is home to all sorts of exceptional animals. Find out more about what animals in Dakhla?
17Is Dakhla a dangerous destination?
Morocco is an exceptional destination, attracting more and more visitors every year. It's a beautiful country with wide open spaces, cities. Find out more about the dangers in Dakhla
18What to wear for Dakhla?
Dakhla, a little paradise for all kitesurfing fans, is the place to be for kitesurfing! You'll find dream spots, flat water. Find out more about how to dress in Dakhla?
19Where can I go swimming in Dakhla?
There are hundreds of kilometres of deserted beaches to discover from North to South Dakhla! Start with a short swim in the sea. Find out more about where to swim?
20What's life like in Dakhla?
A medium-sized town nestling in southern Morocco, Dakhla is often referred to as the oasis between the sands of the Sahara and the Atlantic. This Moroccan end of the world. Find out more about life in Dakhla


1At what age can you start kitesurfing?
Weight is a more important criterion than age. Generally speaking, the first kitesurfing lessons are possible from around the age of 10, but this can vary depending on the child's weight. As a general rule, a child should weigh at least 45kg to be able to kitesurf safely.
2Can you learn to kitesurf at 50?
Absolutely! There is no age limit for learning to kitesurf. Kitesurfing is a sport that can be practised by people of all ages, as long as you're in good physical condition and up for the challenge.
3Who can kitesurf?
Kitesurfing is a sport that can be practised by many different people, provided certain conditions are met.

Here are a few important points to bear in mind:

- Physical fitness: A reasonable level of physical fitness is necessary for kitesurfing, as it requires a certain amount of physical effort. A good level of fitness means you can handle situations better and get the most out of the experience.

- Age: There is no specific age limit for kitesurfing. As long as you're healthy and motivated, you can start at any age.
However, for children, it is advisable to consult the specific weight and age recommendations to determine whether they are ready to kitesurf safely. Learning and coaching: It is strongly recommended that you take kitesurfing lessons with qualified instructors, especially for beginners. The courses will teach you the basics of kitesurfing, safety techniques and the skills needed to ride safely. Professional coaching is essential for safe and effective progress.

- Motivation and commitment: Kitesurfing requires perseverance and motivation. You have to be prepared to devote time to learning and regular practice to develop the necessary skills. Motivation and commitment are key factors in progressing and getting the most out of the sport.
4Which kite for which wind?
The choice of kite depends mainly on the wind conditions in which you plan to kitesurf.
Different kite sizes are designed to operate effectively in specific wind ranges.

Here is a general indication of the wind ranges corresponding to different kite sizes:

- Large kite wing (12m² and above): Large kites are generally suitable for light winds, ranging from around 8 knots (15 km/h) to 15 knots (28 km/h) or more. These kites offer good power to allow you to sail and glide even in light winds.

- Medium sized kite (9m² to 11m²): Medium sized kites are versatile and can suit a wide range of wind conditions. They are generally used in moderate wind conditions, ranging from around 12 knots (22 km/h) to 20 knots (37 km/h). They offer a good balance between power and control.

- Small kite (5m² to 8m²): Small kites are designed for stronger wind conditions, from around 18 knots (33 km/h) to 30 knots (55 km/h) or more. These kites offer less power, but provide better manoeuvrability and control in stronger winds.
5Which kite sail should you choose to start kitesurfing?
When you're new to kitesurfing, it's recommended that you use a kite sail suitable for beginners, also known as an all-rounder or all-around sail. These sails are designed to offer good stability, ease of handling and good control, which is ideal for learners.

Beginner kite sails generally have the following characteristics: Medium to large size, good re-launch ability, solid, and forgiving.
6Where can you learn to kitesurf?
Many of the world's best-known kitesurfing spots have professional kitesurfing schools where you can take lessons adapted to your level. Destinations such as Dakhla (Southern Morocco), Tarifa (Spain), Leucate (France), Cape Verde (South Africa), Cabarete (Dominican Republic), are known for their ideal conditions for kitesurfing and their quality schools.

Kitesurfing centres in seaside resorts: Many seaside resorts and tourist destinations offer kitesurfing centres where you can learn to kitesurf. Places like Fuerteventura (Canary Islands, Spain), Mauritius, Zanzibar (Tanzania) and Bali (Indonesia) are renowned for their kitesurfing centres.
7Where can you learn to kitesurf in France?
France offers many popular destinations for learning to kitesurf. Here are some of the best kitesurfing spots and schools in France: Leucate-La Franqui, La Palme, Brittany, Corsica, Normandy.
8Which kitesurf brand?
Naish : Naish is a brand renowned for its high-quality products. Their kites and boards are designed to meet the needs of riders of all levels and disciplines.

Duotone : Formerly known as North Kiteboarding, Duotone is a brand renowned for its innovation and performance. Their kites and boards are appreciated by many professional kiteboarders.

F-One : F-One is a French brand known for its high quality products and its commitment to sustainable development. Their kites and boards are renowned for their performance and durability.

All our kitesurfing schools have one of these brands! Considered to be the best in the field of kitesurfing.
9Why take up kitesurfing?
Thrills and spills : Kitesurfing offers unique and exciting sensations.

The combination of speed, wind power and spectacular jumps creates a real adrenaline rush, providing an unforgettable experience.

Exceeding your limits: Kitesurfing requires perseverance and patience to master the techniques and progress. It allows you to set goals, challenge yourself and feel a sense of achievement when you reach new levels of skill.

Relaxing moments: Kitesurfing can also be a relaxing activity, allowing you to escape from everyday stress. You can let yourself be carried along by the wind, enjoy the calm of the ocean and relax while practising your favourite sport.

Contact with nature: Kitesurfing is practised on the water, so you can enjoy magnificent seascapes, beaches and the immensity of the ocean. It's an ideal opportunity to reconnect with nature and appreciate the beauty of our environment.

A complete activity: Kitesurfing involves the whole body, providing an excellent physical workout. You strengthen your muscles, develop your balance, coordination and endurance. It's a complete activity that combines fun and well-being.

Freedom and exploration: Kitesurfing allows you to explore different spots, both where you live and when you travel. You can discover new places, explore islands, lagoons and coastlines, while enjoying your passion for kitesurfing.
10Is it difficult to kitesurf?
Kitesurfing can be considered a relatively technical sport, but with the right training and practice, it is quite accessible.

It's important to stress that learning to kitesurf is generally done in stages, starting with basic lessons and continuing to develop your skills over time.

The guidance of a qualified instructor is recommended to learn the correct techniques, safety rules and to progress safely.

It is important to follow the safety rules, wear suitable equipment and always be aware of the weather conditions and the limits of your skills.
11 Is kitesurfing dangerous?
Kitesurfing can present certain risks, but with the right training, awareness of safety rules and responsible practice, these risks can be reduced to a minimum.
That's why we recommend starting kitesurfing with school lessons to learn the basics and kite in complete safety!
12When should you kitesurf?
In France, kitesurfing can be enjoyed all year round, but the best seasons are generally spring (March to June) and autumn (September to November). In Morocco, specifically in Dakhla, kitesurfing is possible all year round. The region is renowned for its consistent wind conditions, making it a popular destination for kitesurfers. The high season runs from March to October, with steady winds and pleasant temperatures.

In the Canaries, particularly on the islands of Fuerteventura and Lanzarote, kitesurfing can be enjoyed all year round thanks to their favourable climate. The months of May to September are often considered the ideal time of year due to the steady winds and warmer temperatures. However, the other months of the year also offer good conditions for kitesurfing.

It is important to check the destination-specific weather forecasts to determine the best periods based on wind conditions, and temperatures.

Pay close attention to weather conditions, wind forecasts and local recommendations before embarking on a kitesurfing session.
13Where did kitesurfing originate?
Kitesurfing originated in the United States in the 1980s. Its origins are often attributed to two brothers, Dominique and Bruno Legaignoux, who invented the first prototype kite in 1984. Their initial aim was to create a kite that could be used to tow surfboards across the water.

Over the years, other water sports enthusiasts have helped to develop and improve this new discipline. Kitesurfing quickly became popular and gained recognition in the 1990s and 2000s, as equipment and techniques evolved.
14Where was kitesurfing invented?
Kitesurfing was invented and developed in the United States. More precisely, it was created in France by brothers Dominique and Bruno Legaignoux in the 1980s. They are originally from the region of La Baule, on the west coast of France, but they developed their prototype kite in the United States, where they were living at the time.
15Where can I find a park cable?
Yes, there's a cable park in Dakhla! You can find the cable park at our partner Dakhla Attitude.

No-one could believe there was such a park in the middle of the desert! The DACP is a 140x45M pool with a 2.0 DWS system. 2 big kickers, box and rooftop will challenge even the most advanced riders. For beginners and children, 2 small kickers are available at all times.
The DACP is open all year round and operates from 10am to 8pm.[Read more]

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