Biarritz Surf Therapy Seminar

From the integration seminar to the team building seminar and the management seminar, company seminars differ from other company events because they are an essential management tool that help your company to grow.


A seminar 100% Surf

While the duration and frequency vary from one company to another depending on size and budget, the company seminar nevertheless meets very specific strategic objectives. In other words, you don't organize a company seminar to do what everyone else does.

In addition to the fact that we can offer you more traditional seminars with very popular activities on this market: 2CV tours, electric bikes, gastronomic tasting, introduction to Basque pelota, etc. We prefer to offer you a 100% surf seminar, 100% holistic and 100% focused on individual and collective performance.

Surfing lessons with Gautier Garanx followed by a TEDx-type conference on the achievement of ambitious, risky, "challenging but achievable goals" that require taking risks which you think you have mastered... but that get out of hand. You can listen to Gautier Garanx, surfer of big waves and customer manager of a big supermarket chain who, out of passion, physical and mental preparation, won the most prestigious big wave competition in the world: the XXL billabong... a record that pushed him to his limits, to the edge of a blackout. A whole story!

In order to couple theory with practice and to give tools to your employees so that they can also achieve ambitious challenges we offer you a holistic approach that boosts the body and mind:
- sports awakening with Manu Palau, 50 years old, physical and mental trainer
- Hatha yoga in the gym with Sophie Perret Du Cray
- naturopathy, nutrition and stress management with Nadia Rasamoely

Biarritz, the european surf capital

Here in Biarritz on the Basque Coast, you can experience surfing in an urban, elegant and historic environment. Known as one of the best surf spots, Biarritz now attracts surfers from all over the world.

For its investment in the discipline, and with surfers, Biarritz obtained in October 2015, the label Ville de surf - 3 stars (on a scale that includes 3 stars) awarded by the French Surf Federation. Biarritz is the only city on the Basque coast to have several surf spots, each as different as the next. There are waves for beginners as well as experienced surfers. Its very rugged coastline allows you to surf all types of swells (large and small) but also to find waves sheltered from the wind depending on its orientation.

Almost sixty years after the epic of the Tontons Surfeurs, pioneers in 1956 from the beginnings of European surfing on the Côte des Basques, Biarritz is the oldest European surfing city. All over the world, from Hawaii to California and Australia, we know the spots and waves of Biarritz that unfold in front of real jewels of history and architecture.

This is probably why TripAdvisor users have designated Biarritz's Côte des Basques beach as the most beautiful beach in France (Traveller's Choice). At the foot of the famous 100 steps, and framed by the Villa Belza and the Marbella spot, this glamorous spot has hosted and continues to host many events such as the Casetas de Biarritz, the Wheels and Waves...

Gautier Garanx Big Wave Surfer

Gautier Garanx is from Bayonne. He started surfing at 12YO and has surfed the most famous waves on the planet. Hossegor and Belharra pushed Gautier on XXL waves, and fed his passion for sea monsters.

In 2014, his moment of glory came when he won the Billabong XXL Award for the biggest wave surfed that year.... 19 meters to Belharra. A place in the record book and one among the world's elite surfers, Garanx is now writing another page of his career and joined the Northcore team.

Preparation and sports training with Manu Palau

In Biarritz, a sports professional at your service

With more than twenty years of professional experience, Manu Palau is an experienced sports coach. After four state certificates as a sports educator, he became a graduate in Mental Preparation and Sports Sophrology. It adapts to all profiles, from the professional athlete to the person wishing to get back in shape. Whatever your level, it will guide you through a personalized and complete preparation (educational weight training, maintenance weight training, goal setting, physical activities for all, etc.). He operates throughout the Basque Country (Anglet, Saint-Jean-de-Luz, Bayonne and BAB).


Using a coach means giving yourself the opportunity to feel better in your body and in your head. Manu Palau, sports coach with a degree in Mental Preparation and Sports Sophrology, works with all audiences. Whether you are a professional sportsman evolving as an individual (boxer, dragster pilot, runner, surfer, bodysurfer, Basque pelota player, golfer, etc.) or as a team (football, rugby, American football, etc.) but also an individual wishing to resume physical activity or stay in good shape, you will be guided at all stages of your personalized journey. Manu Palau's sporting expertise is the assurance of:

  • Getting back in touch with the sport
  • Shaping your silhouette
  • Maintain motivation in competition or in daily life
  • Get back into shape after a physical event: an injury, pregnancy, surgery...

Yoga classes with Sophie Perret Du Cray

As a freelance audiovisual translator, Sophie was free to travel.

During a stay in India, she took yoga classes: the seed was sown. Back home in London, she immersed herself in practice. A few years later, yoga brought profound changes that led her to pursue this path.

She is undergoing her first Yoga Yin Yang training with Sarah Powers in England, and began to teach. Sophie joined the Life Centre in London from 2004 to 2006 where she obtained her diploma. of the British Wheel of Yoga and Yoga Alliance. She studied Astanga yoga with Richard Freeman, Hatha yoga with Rod Stryker and Liz Lark, or Iyengar yoga with Louise Grime.

She has teached for 4 years in London in yoga centres, companies and at home. Sophie opened her own yoga school in the Basque Country, in a studio facing the ocean in Anglet Chiberta. It is in this serene setting that she gives her group lessons and workshops, by enthusiastically sharing the fundamentals of yoga.

Convinced of the benefits of yoga, Sophie wants to expand her skills in order to support her students in their development. She trained in Yogatherapy with Dr. Chandrasekaran from Chennai for 3 years. Sophie is trained as a Yoga Teacher with Bernard Bouanchaud in Viniyoga. Viniyoga is a derivated from the teaching of Sri Krishnamacharya, it is the adaptation of the techniques to everyone, which requires a particular attention to each students.

Nadia Rasamoely nutrithérapeute,
eating well is health

"With an engineering and scientific background, I worked in companies for several years while at the same time I was passionate about soft and natural therapies and grandmothers' remedies.

My encounter with alternative medicine goes back more than twenty years following an acute hay fever crisis, one of the allergies I had been affected by since my adolescence after a childhood with atopic terrain.

On an empirical basis, I managed to completely free myself from all my allergies (pollen, cat hair, food, smoke...) without medication and then began a life of passion for health and natural well-being through plants, as well as for ecology in a more global way. This experience led me to reconsider my professional goals in order to combine my passion and my profession, thus I decided to train in Naturopathy and then in Nutritherapy, out of growing interest in Nutrition and micro-nutrition.

Since 2012, I have been accompanying people towards a better and healthier life. And I suggest that you benefit from my experience, my knowledge and my passion to accompany you too, on this path of holistic and natural health. I receive you in my office and also consult remotely, and in English.

Naturopath specialized and certified in Nutrition - Nutritherapy, trained by expert doctors and renowned in the field of nutrition and nutritherapy in France and internationally, I continue to train and inform myself on the latest scientific studies in the field of Nutrition and Nutritherapy in particular in order to bring you the maximum tools to achieve your health and well-being goals" Nadia RASAMOELY

Biarritz Surf Therapy Seminar
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