The Best Surf Camps in Agadir: Taghazout / Tamghart

There are over 90 surf camps on Taghazout's bay, Morocco.

Over the years, we've got to know them and selected the ones that meet our quality standards: teaching, infrastructure, friendliness... We have selected the best surf camps with top-flight local surfers for quality surf lessons. In addition to this selection, we've ranked all these surfcamps according to their standard (budget, good, luxury). Whether you're alone, a couple, a family or a group, Ocean Adventure is sure to meet your expectations.

Between the immensity of the ocean and the calm of nature, in the heart of the small village of Tamraght, in the magnificent bay of Taghazout, with the ocean as a backdrop, Ocean Adventure welcomes you all year round to this comfortable and soothing place. We offer you the chance to experience a sporting adventure, at your own pace, in a warm and...

Surfcamp Lodge Taghazout is the story of three friends with a passion for surfing and a love of Morocco, who decided to pool their knowledge and experience to create a surf lodge in Taghazout.

aissances and energy to create a place where they could meet and share their common passion. The result was a series of wonderful encounters...

Surf Lodge Taghazout: Surf & Yoga Favorite

From €669 - 7 nights full board for 1 person

In a dormitory + 7 surf lessons & 6 yoga lessons + airport transfers

Located in the peaceful village of Tamraght, this holiday invites you to surf the region's famous waves and relax with revitalising yoga sessions. You'll enjoy comfortable, friendly accommodation, surf lessons for all levels and yoga sessions that harmonise body and mind.

It's the perfect opportunity to immerse yourself in Moroccan culture, sample delicious local cuisine and meet like-minded people. Get ready for an unforgettable adventure where sport, relaxation and cultural discovery blend harmoniously.

From sunrise, on dreamy spots, to sunset, on the bar terraces with my new friends, to the deep experience of yoga. I've lived my dreams here. Thank you Ocean Adventure! Alexandra B.

Surf House in the heart of Taghazout

From €449 - 7 nights with breakfast + 6 surf lessons for 1 person

*In double room + 5 meals + 5 dinners + airport transfers

Founded by local surfers who care about the environment and love nature, our camp has become the preferred choice for those looking for an authentic and unforgettable surfing holiday. Located in the charming fishing and surfing village of Taghazout near Agadir, Morocco.

Surf Camp Taghazout Authentic :
Favourite: Local Surf Guide!

Best wave chaser (and best couscous) in the Taghazout region!

Only available in dormitories until 14 April. Closed July & August. Join us at Surf camp Banana Beach. Join us at Surf camp Banana Beach !

From €520 - 7 nights full board

Shared room + 6 surf lessons + Airport transfer

This surf camp offers the best value for money and a friendly, sharing atmosphere. The team led by Reda, a former pro surfer, will show you what Moroccan hospitality and the life of a Moroccan wave hunter are all about. They know all the best spots in the area and will be able to guide you to a holiday full of thrills. Beginners will benefit from quality lessons at suitable spots.

Don't miss the family couscous on Friday evenings!

Taghazout Riad Surf & Yoga

New availability in a nouveau Riad Surf & Yoga with just 8 bedrooms!

From €618 - 7 nights full board for 1 person

In a shared room + 2 hours supervised surf session + transport to the surf spots + Agadir airport transfer

The aesthetics and atmosphere of this surf camp make it unique.
Situated at the top of a hill overlooking the ocean, this surf camp offers surf and yoga lessons with experienced instructors. You can eat healthy, organic food while discovering traditional dishes. The strength of this accommodation lies in the cosy, authentic atmosphere of its rooms, which will immerse you in a world of surfing and yoga. This surf camp is dedicated to your well-being and to sharing. Great encounters guaranteed!

Taghazout Boutique Hotel Surf & Yoga

From €729 - 6 nights full board for 1 person

In a private room + 5 surf sessions

This top-of-the-range surf camp in Taghazout is a family project ideally located in Taghazout Bay (about 15 km from Agadir), 800 metres from the beach. All year round, our Surf & Yoga boutique hotel welcomes you and delivers on its promise of authenticity; just look at the foot of the small hill to see the banana plantations of Banana Village and enjoy a setting like no other. There's an ocean view, a rooftop, a work room and a lounge with a fireplace!

Groups and company seminars

With its large accommodation capacity, this surf camp is perfect for welcoming large numbers of people. Your corporate seminars will go off without a hitch in this place with its many high-quality services. With your well-being in mind, this surfcamp offers spa sessions and massages, as well as yoga, surfing lessons and excursions. As our philosophy is "Better together", we want to share with you special offers and prices if you come with your favourite group of people. Colleagues, friends from work, university or childhood buddies: catch a few waves together, return to surf camp and share a few beers or smoothies... For Works Councils and Companies: Team building activities are ideal.

Village of Taghazout and Tamghart, in the bay of Taghazout

Taghazout Bay is a booming surfing destination and many surfcamps have sprung up there in recent years, so the Ocean Adventure team has selected the best surfcamps for you to ensure you have a quality stay.

Situated in the superb Agadir region, you'll be staying in a magnificent 3-hectare oasis, bordered by a long 5km beach and backed by a mountainous region. For decades Taghazout has been the meeting place for surf and yoga lovers from all over the world!

Having been going there for almost 20 years, we recommend accommodation in Tamghart, in the bay of Taghazout, rather than in Taghazout itself.

So if you're looking for a small sandy wave spot that works even in summer, opt for the surf camp d'imsouane, 1h30 drive north of Taghazout.

Surf Camps Taghazout, Agadir, Morocco
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