Teiva, your surfing coach

The waterman Teiva Joyeux grew up in Tahiti and he is a true representative of the "Mana", a polynesian legend. Mana...four enigmatic letters that can be found in the stories of founding anthropologists such as Levi Strauss or Mauss as well as in video and card games such as the famous World of Warcraft. In these, Mana represents the magic energy to be conquered....

Teiva grew up in Tahiti and spent most of his life enjoying the wind and waves of the Pacific Ocean. Versatile, Teiva has acquired the necessary skills to enjoy the ocean whatever the conditions: if it is windy, Teiva will go windsurfing or kitesurfing, if the waves are good, he will surf, and if there is no wind or waves, he may choose to paddle for a long time on his SUP (Standup Paddling board) or in his va'a (Tahiti swing canoe) or simply to dive and enjoy the freedom.

After sunset, Teiva likes to devote his time to creative projects, designing and developing his brand: Tahiti Brothers.

In addition to his expertise of the ocean, Teiva is known for his big smile, positive attitude and friendliness.

His knowledge of the ocean and his experience as a former professional surfer will allow you to progress quickly. Private lessons with Teiva always means technique and conviviality.

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