Best Kite Camp of
Mancora Lobitos Chicama

There are dozens of kite schools and kitecamps in Chicama. Over the years we have got to know them and we have selected for you the one that best meets our quality standards: teaching, infrastructure, conviviality... Whether you are alone, in couple, with your family or in a group, Ocean Adventure will perfectly meet your expectations. Contact us !

Northern coast of Peru

Our surf camp hosts a wide variety of spots and conditions, the most famous in the world for their cleanliness and length that will suit both beginners and experienced kiters. An unforgettable experience of a unique, wild and extensive coastline. Relax in a heavenly, timeless place. Live the "beach style", like a surfer, also practicing yoga, eating healthy food and enjoying good vibes.


Depending on the season, the Peruvian North Coast receives both north and south swells, allowing for a wide variety of spots and conditions. Here is a non-exhaustive list of places you can ride, from the famous long and perfect wave of Lobitos to the barrels of Cabo Blanco, or to beginners and virgin and relaxed spots or not: El Ñuro, el Golf, el Muelle, baterías, Negritos, Punta Balcones, Lobitos, Piscinas, Peña redonda, La Cruz, Caleta Grau, La Frontera, Cap Blanco, Panic Point. Etc


Our surf camp will accompany you throughout your holiday !

Chicama Kitesurfing School

The Chicama point truly lays claim to the longest wave in the world. The wind is gusty and waves rarely exceed 2.5m, but climbs of up to 1.5km are possible in a good swell !

Dream Beach - Kitesurfing and Surfing School

Yoga Classes

We believe that yoga isfundamental to improve your skills and kiteboarding abilities.

We teach yoga as a deep experience.
In order to deeply stretch and elongate your kitesurfing-worn body, deepen your breathing, focus yourintention,practice balance, andimprove your strength and overallwellbeing.

One Kite Surf instructor for 2 students*!

Preferred course of 2h in the water, overall pick-up time is 4h.
*this is not the case with our colleagues

Kitecamp Cosy and comfortable

We offer clean and cosy accommodation in a modern, spacious and stylish design.

Our Surf Camp:

  • 8 exclusive rooms: 4-person dorms or double rooms with private bathroom
  • Towel and bed linen provided
  • Two modern kitchens
  • Laundry room
  • Large storage space for sports equipment

The Surfhouse:

  • a lounge
  • common areas
  • a Smart TV room with Youtube, and Netflix included

The large patio:

  • stone showers
  • an outdoor dining area
  • a barbecue area

Manu Camp owner and former Pro kitesurfer


For beginners and advanced

From beginners to intermediate and advanced levels, we will find the spot to progress without age limits. Our kitesurf school instructors will take you through all the stages of learning to kitesurf in Chicama, making sure you have a great time !

At the end of your course with us, you will be ready for your kitesurfing life with solid technical and safety knowledge ! Find out more about the different stages of learning in our kitesurfing school here.

Practical information

Time difference: -7h in summer and -6h in winter

Language spoken: Spanish (official language), other Indian languages (Quechua spoken at 40%)

Currency: New Sol / 1 € = 3.7 PEN

Valid passport required but no visa needed for a stay < 6 months.

Choose the formula that fits your availability, your objectives and your budget !

Accessories and insurance are optional.

Quote and Pre-Booking

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