Surf Camp Sumbawa Beach Villa

937 € - 7 nights + Surf Camp Package for 1 person

Located on Yoyos Beach in beautiful Sumbawa, Indonesia. Surf Camp Sumbawa Beach Villa is the quintessential island getaway just a short drive from Bali and Lombok. Free WiFi, swimming pool, a restaurant and bar, all rooms equipped with air conditioning and flat screen TV, bathtub in some rooms. Baha Baha Villas also offers free yoga for all guests, free breakfast, tea and coffee. An idyllic setting for everyone, we welcome families, couples and solo travellers.


Whether you prefer to go left or right, you'll be happy to know that we have two of Indonesia's most fun waves nearby. Walk (5 minutes) to Yoyos or drive (5 minutes) to Tropicals and you'll discover some of the most consistent patterns in the world. If you ever have guaranteed waves, this must be the place. West Sumbawa caters for surfers of all levels: beginners, intermediate and advanced.

Bar and Restaurant

We stock a wide variety of local and western dishes as well as a comprehensive drinks list.

(Available as defined menu options)

November 2019 - Very good stay
"A great place to discover South Sumbawa and the different surf spots like Yoyo's, Tropical and Super suck.
The rooms are clean, the place is beautiful and the staff is great!
The breakfasts are good and the menu superb. The food is excellent we have never been disappointed and fortunately there is not much to say nothing around!
However, I don't give 5 stars because, like a Spanish hostel, the other guests were noisy and thought they were "alone" and we regretted the TV which was on all day in the common area, playing music all the time. We missed some quiet moments.
Another point, beware of the cleaning ladies who take the liberty of moving things around, closing suitcases or throwing away samples of unfinished beauty products. I would like to say that the room was tidied up for their visit, so there was no need to touch things.
Otherwise it is an establishment that we recommend and we will return there with pleasure!"


Indonesie, Mentawai

The Mentawai Islands, in Indonesian Kepulauan Mentawai, are a group of four main and several smaller islands located some 150 km off the west coast of the Indonesian island of Sumatra.



There are several flights from Denpasar Airport, Bali to Sumbawa Besar Airport, Sumbawa. We recommend this route as it is generally the quickest route to Baha Baha Villas. Less than 2 hours flight time, then 4 hours drive to the hotel.

Package and Prices

Included in the Surfcamp Package:

  • Breakfast included.
  • 1 day with surf guide.
  • 1 x Sumbawan massage
  • FREE daily yoga class.

Our Activities and Adventures

Surf Camp Sumbawa Beach Villa – Mentawai – Indonesia
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