5 Things to do in Corralejo, Fuerteventura during your Surf Stay
29 January 2019
Where to learn how to surf in Fuerteventura ?
29 January 2019

With a constant average temperature of 25 degrees throughout the year, Fuerteventura is one of the favourite tourist destinations for European tourists fleeing the harsh winter on the continent. In addition to surfers who prefer this place for water sports, Corralejo in Fuerteventura is also a destination for those who are looking for relaxation and nature, and who appreciate the summer atmosphere of nightlife. During the day and in the evening, Corralejo offers places to enjoy yourself, eat or meet new friends.

Where to go out during the day?

To change your mind between surfing or swimming in the crystal clear waters of Lobos, there are plenty of opportunities to enjoy original activities and discover Corralejo and its surroundings in a different way.


Don’t forget to bring your driving licence to discover the picturesque landscapes of Fuerteventura by Quad or Buggy. Ideal and original way to approach volcanoes or other beaches, often punctuated by “snacks” or “swimming” stops depending on the route chosen for the walk. Excursions are often organized in groups with instructors, and stops with explanations or for photo shots.

An essential site to visit as the change of scenery is guaranteed: the Corralejo Natural Park.

This place offers a magnificent landscape that combines the tranquility offered by the large spaces occupied by the white sand dunes and the proximity of the ocean waters.

It is above all a large area of sand dunes, home to a rich fauna and flora of the desert (the area is also classified as a Special Bird Protection Area). This mini-Sahara stretches over a good ten kilometers along the coast… and views from the coastal road and in the background the islands of Lanzarote and Lobos. Several car parks are located along the road, and allow you to access the white sandy beaches in ten minutes by foot.

Those who come to stay in July will attend the festivities dedicated to the Virgin of Carmen, patron saint of fishermen.


The patron saint of the city is celebrated for two weeks during which people dance all night long, the streets are generously decorated, while multiple sports competitions including a regatta (Regata de vela latina) are organized.

Their journey ends at the fishing port with a release of doves and a fireworks display. Elsewhere processions can take place on gored boats, and over time this procession has become an event of great popular fervour, shared by an impressive tourist crowd. For two weeks, faithful from all over the island of Fuerteventura and holidaymakers gather in this pilgrimage where music, gastronomy, dance and friendship are shared for hours.

Where to go out to eat?


The city is not very large, but there are always well stocked bars and restaurants, for all tastes and at very affordable prices. You can eat at El Patio, a grill that has become a real institution but also in one of the many addresses, whether Mexican, Chinese, Italian or Indian. Because Corralejo has become cosmopolitan. We can have a drink at Kiwi, Arena or Barumba before going dancing at “Waikiki” before joining your Corralejo surf camp.

Whether to enjoy a fish grilled on the harbour, discover the local cuisine or simply spend a pleasant moment in a tapas bar, with friends, family or lovers, the relaxed summer atmosphere will charm all visitors.

Lovers of a catering more adapted to the activity of water sports will find in the “Snacks Surf” formulas oriented towards fresh salads, fresh fruits, or balanced dishes made from exotic and spicy recipes. It can also be the perfect place to sit down for a cold beer or snack, day or night, while enjoying a free Wi-Fi connection.

Where to go out in the evening?

Most of the nightlife in Fuerteventura takes place in Corralejo, the main tourist centre in the northwest of the island. It is one of the only cities in Fuerteventura that is lively during the evening outside the hotels.

Corralejo has a wide variety of establishments to enjoy a good evening out. You can relax by enjoying cold drinks in a “Cocktail-Bar” while listening to music or participating in karaoke, while others prefer the Latin or jazz atmosphere in a nearby music bar. We can have a drink at Kiwi, Arena or Barumba before going dancing at “Waikiki” before joining your Corralejo surf camp. For those who prefer simplicity, the beach option is a must with picnic and cold drinks!



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