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Beaches and surfing – not to mention a wonderfully mild climate – are at the heart of Biarritz’s enduring appeal as a holiday destination. Its ideal location in the Bay of Biscay, on the French Atlantic coast, makes Biarritz the surf capital of Europe. But even for those who want to spend less time by the sea, beaches offer an ideal place to relax, swim or simply soak up the sun’s rays. The six beaches of Biarritz offer a lot of variety. Some are perfect for swimming or surfing, others are ideal for families with young children. Here is our guide to help you choose the right beach for you and your family. And don’t check the tides before you go to the beach!

Côte des Basques Beach, Biarritz

The beach of the Côte des Basques is just south of the beach of Port Vieux, but it couldn’t be more different. While the beach of Port Vieux is small and intimate, the beach of Côte des Basques Beach is very long, open and a surfing paradise. Of all the beaches in Biarritz, it is THE surfing beach, and that’s where it all started in France.

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Teenage Groups and Holiday Camp in Biarritz, Basque Country

We are specialists in stays and surf camps for teen groups, youth associations with teenagers, boys and girls, and summer camps! Our basic program is designed especially for teenagers and we invite you to come with us to surf the beautiful beaches of Biarritz, on the Basque coast

Teenagers are in full bloom and are learning about life from day to day. Through the practice of surfing we try to provide them with an experience that will gradually lead them to surpass themselves… Through the dynamics of the ocean and waves, we teach them to control their fear and know where their limits are, while respecting their evolution, their abilities and everyone’s motivation. We guide them to develop self-confidence and teach them different techniques to help them progress.

Surfing stays for adults and groups
Biarritz Company Seminar, Basque Country

A group surf holiday is always more fun and cheaper! As our philosophy is “Better together”, we want to share with you special offers and prices if you come with your favorite group of people. It could be work, university or friends! Colleagues, friends from work, university or childhood: take a few waves together in the morning and go back to the surf camp, share a few beers, smoothies and dances under the moonlight.

For Works Councils (EC) and Companies: Team building activities are ideal…

Our Surf camp at the Côte des Basques Beach, Biarritz

It has remained popular with local surfers since then. Visit this beach and it is not difficult to see why: on a cliff bottom, it has views of the Pyrenees and the Spanish coast, while the wild breakers of the Atlantic continue to roll. Even if you don’t like surfing, there is still a large expanse of sand to enjoy, not to mention the view.
There is a parking lot nearby and a free shuttle bus from the Old Port. Perhaps the only flaw of this wonderful beach is that swimming must be suspended from the open sea because the water comes from so far away. The sandy beach and normal exits disappear! So be careful if you go there when the tide comes in.
There are rescuers from early June to late September. If you want the authentic experience of Biarritz’s surf beach, then this is probably the beach for you.

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The Great Beach

The central beach near the city centre is the Grande Plage (the name means’Big Beach’ or’Main Beach’). This is the beach most often shown in Biarritz’s photos and where famous and less famous people come to swim, relax and rest in the heart of this seaside resort. But thanks to the large waves coming from the Atlantic Ocean, it is also considered one of the most beautiful surf beaches in Europe. The waves can be huge! The Grande Plage extends from the famous Casino by the sea to the even more famous Hôtel du Palais. This beach has everything you need for a perfect day on the sand; beach clubs for young people, cafés and restaurants all around and three underground car parks if you drive.
Don’t forget that the beach is even busier on the high seas! Sometimes, swimming and surfing areas are moved according to tidal conditions and beach use. Incidentally, it was not always known as the Great Beach. It was originally known as the Crazy Beach because of the carelessness of the first swimmers diving into the giant waves and then the Empress’s Beach.
(Empress’s Beach) in honour of Empress Eugenie (it was in the middle of the 19th century when she was Napoleon III’s wife) for whom the Hôtel du Palais was built.

Miramar Beach

Miramar Beach is really a continuation of the Grande Plage after the Hôtel du Palais – perhaps less popular with the glitter because it is a little further away on foot! Surfing is not allowed here although bodyboarding is.
There are more rocks here and when the sea is a little rough or there is a high tide, the currents can be dangerous, causing unwary people to go to sea. Rescuers are on duty from late June to late August. That said, it is a charming beach and generally less frequented for a quiet swim and sunbathing and used by many people who like the atmosphere of the main waterfront but not the crowd. Some say that the sand is softer than on the Great Beach. Please note that you are not allowed to swim to the large rock known as Round Rock just off the coast, as it is a bird sanctuary. You can’t go to the beach at Barnacle Beach further up the coast either because of the risk of falling rocks.

Old Port Beach

Port Beach is south of the Grande Plage, and as its name suggests, it is right next to the Old Port or the Old Port of Biarritz. This small beach is located in a rocky creek that shelters it from the wind and large waves. This means that it is not great for surfing – but it is very good for people with young children. It’s definitely a family beach.
Port Vieux beach is actually popular all year round with the local population. There are swimming and diving clubs on the beach, as well as cafés and restaurants nearby. Rescuers are in operation from mid-June to early September.

Marbella Beach

Marbella Beach is essentially a continuation of the beach of the Côte des Basques. It is an attractive beach and has a slightly wilder feel than some of the surrounding sandy stretches. The setting and waves make it good for surfers and beachsides, although due to the difficult access down stairs and through rocks, it is not ideal for people with reduced mobility.
Lifeguards are present from June to August and there is a café/restaurant on the beach.

La Milady Beach

This is a large beach that is particularly popular with the local population – perhaps because it is generally less frequented than some of the others and the fact that there is a lot of free parking nearby. There is also a beautiful walk around the beach and a playground for children, as well as a café. Overall, it is a large beach and one of Biarritz’s beaches that is often neglected by tourists. One thing to note: circuit breakers can be a little alive when the tide is high!

Our surf camps in the Basque Country, from Bidart to Hendaye?

We have a partnership with rental companies, which gives us the opportunity to offer you accommodation adapted to your budget and holiday project.

Our Surf School in Saint de Luz

Why choose surf camp accommodation in Hendaye?
The city of Hendaye is located at the gateway to the Spanish border between the ocean and the mountains. This municipality in the North Basque Country is bordered by the bay of Txingudi. If you want to spend a sporty holiday on the Basque Coast, the surf camp is the right place for you. Courses with accommodation in the heart of nature for a 100% surf stay near the spots.

How are the surf lessons and courses in Hendaye run?
The surf camps offer you a stay in the heart of nature where your days are punctuated by the practice of surf lessons according to the tide and swell schedules. 5-day courses are organised by surf schools in various formats to ride on the longest beach spots in the Basque Country.

The Grande plage in Hendaye is appreciated for its very wide surfing areas and the low slope of the ground. These features make the practice pleasant for beginner surfers. However, experienced riders can also find their happiness and work on their sliding technique.

Families can enjoy a peaceful swim during their holidays, protected by a barrier formed by the Cap du Figuier and Pointe Sainte Anne. These create a barrier at the entrance of the big swells allowing thrill-seekers to evolve safely in waves adapted to all levels.

Stand’up paddle rides in Hendaye
Surf instructors can also introduce you to new disciplines such as stand’up paddle. This practice combines balance, sport and nature. It allows young and old alike to enjoy unforgettable skiing sensations from the very first lessons.

At the same time, the surf camps offer family and sports activities. Come and enjoy hiking in the heart of the breathtaking Basque countryside. You also have the opportunity to relax with yoga classes. Choosing a surf camp close to the surf spots is the guarantee of spending a holiday in the ocean with the surf leash on your feet.


Why choose surf camp accommodation in Saint Jean de Luz?
Known as the city of privateers, Saint Jean de Luz hosts many surf camp accommodations to make you spend a sporty and emotionally rich holiday on the Basque Coast. The surfing stay with accommodation takes place at the rhythm of the waves in a 100% natural setting. The surf camps will take you to the surf schools.

How are the surf lessons and courses in Saint Jean de Luz conducted?
During your surf camp stays, you can discover the waves of Erromardie beach with its rocky bottoms. This one is known for these small guinguettes perfect for enjoying a sunset at the end of the day. The Mayarco and Lafiténia spots offer exceptional surfing conditions. The waves are long and surfers can come and ride them at all tides. Further south, on days with very heavy swells, the awakening of the famous Belharra wave appears off the coast. It is reserved for a few surfers.

Beginners can also take advantage of the 5-day courses offered by the surf schools on Cenitz beach. Located between Saint Jean de Luz and Guétary, it is undoubtedly one of the wildest beaches in the Basque Country. The long waves pass by for a gentle learning of the discipline. The days of the surfing courses are organized according to the tides to allow surfers to glide in optimal conditions. They can start at dawn to enjoy a calm stretch of water. The instructors accompany the students in the water during their surf lessons. A preparation time on the beach allows students to warm up before sliding into the waves.

Other sports activities to do in surf camp in Saint Jean de Luz
For a quieter swim, the Grande plage is the ideal place. It is located in the heart of the bay for a moment of relaxation sheltered from the waves. The walk along it allows you to enjoy excellent Lucian ice cream.

You can enjoy a variety of water activities offered directly in your surf camp. Depending on the location, it is possible to discover new sports activities such as stand’up paddle, canoeing or canoeing.


Why choose surf camp accommodation in Bidart?
The city of Bidart is located along the coast. Its name is the combination of the words BIDE ARTEAN, which means in Basque, in the middle of the paths. Indeed, this city is located at the heart of several roads from the surrounding villages. Many accommodations welcome you, in the heart of nature, to make you spend an iodized stay punctuated by days of surfing. The surf camp allows you to be accommodated at the beach gates to fully enjoy your surfing experience.

How are the surf lessons and courses in Bidart conducted?
Bidart is a Basque village known mainly for its many beaches. They extend over 5 kilometres and offer sensational views of the Atlantic Ocean. The beach of Ilbarritz is recognizable thanks to its castle which overlooks the view. This family beach has games for children and a nice walk along the seafront. All beaches are monitored during the summer season to ensure a safe swim. Adjacent to it, the beach of the Pavillon Royal offers you similar swimming conditions.

Uhabia beach along the main road is the ideal spot for beginner surfers. Surf instructors supervise the students during their first lessons in the Atlantic Ocean. A few kilometres away, Parlementia beach is known for its long open wave offshore. It is reserved for experienced surfers during their surfing courses. The Centre beach is accessible from downtown Bidart by foot. It is surrounded by cliffs and offers you, at the top, a magnificent panorama of the Basque Coast.

Other sports activities to do in surf camp in Bidart
The stay is rocked by the 5-day surfing courses, but the surf camps also offer a variety of activities. For lovers of nature and beautiful landscapes, it is possible to take a walk along the coastal path.

This walk extends over 13 kilometres from Bidart to the tip of Sainte-Barbe at Saint Jean de Luz. It is best done at low tide to enjoy the passage along the beaches of Bidart.



Why choose surf camp accommodation in Guéthary?
Nestled between Saint Jean de Luz and Bidart, Guétary is a small Basque village on the edge of the ocean. This commune is hilly and offers beautiful wild landscapes. The small fishermen’s port is an example. Many accommodations are available to welcome surf lovers. They offer surfing courses with accommodation in the heart of nature near the spots. Surfing is at the heart of your stay. Surf schools provide the material to the students.

How are the surf lessons and courses in Guétary run?
Surfers can come and slide on the beach of Alcyons also called Harotzen Costa. The waves are long and pleasant, perfect for hot summer days. When the swell is low, amateur surfers can enjoy the spot. This beach is located in the heart of a small wild cove. It is also perfectly adapted to families. Indeed, at low tide, young and old alike can go crab fishing.

Parlementia beach is known for its long wave off the coast. It is reserved for experienced surfers. Beginner surf instructors lead their students to Cenitz beach to enjoy the waves more suitable for first glides. They allow apprentice surfers to enjoy the sensations in complete safety during their 5-day internship.

Other activities to do in surf camp in Guétary
In addition to surfing courses, you can enjoy this picturesque little village by walking through the city centre. Many walks run along the coast and easily reach the surrounding villages. The walk along the coastal path allows you to reach Saint Jean de Luz on one side and Bidart on the other.

The panorama is also splendid during a stroll in stand’up paddle. The surf camp can offer you courses to introduce you to this very sporty water sport. It provides its practitioners with a smooth glide thanks to which you can enjoy the beautiful landscapes.

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