Best surfcamps de Peniche, Baleal, Portugal

There are dozens of surf camps and surf schools in Peniche, Portugal. Over the years we have come to know them and have selected for you those that best meet our quality standards: teaching, infrastructure, friendliness... These establishments are therefore trustworthy, we guarantee you great surfing progress and good times.
The two best surfcamps in Peniche, Portugal correspond to different demands. Whether you are alone, in couple, with your family or in group, Ocean Adventure will perfectly meet your expectations.

Top of the range surfcamp

The best Surf Camps in Peniche, Portugal

Surf Lodge Peniche, Portugal

546 € - 7 nights + Surf Camp Package for 1 person

Located 200 metres from Baía de Peniche and the beach, Surf Camp in Peniche operates as a surf camp, activity centre and offers spacious rooms, 2 swimming pools and 2 tennis courts. All of the rooms are bathed in natural light and decorated with a surf theme.

Surf Camp Yoga & Chill – Peniche

683€ - 7 nights + Surf Camp Package for 1 person

Lose yourself in paradise! It's no secret that Peniche is truly a surfer's and yogi's paradise. Treat your senses to an experience.... A dreamy natural landscape, picturesque villages, white windmills, chapels, sandy beaches, sunsets for days and breathtaking views along the wild Atlantic.


Surfcamp Sea View

370 € - 7 nights + Surf Camp Package for 1 person

This castle was built in 1920 by the Boticas family. The designer was a Portuguese architect, José Rodrigues Prieto, who teamed up with a builder called Jaime Santos. For many years it was the only house on the beach in Baleal and today it can still be seen from several kilometres away !
In 1942 the house was bought by Joao Castanheira and became his family holiday home for many decades.

The best Surf Camps in Peniche, Portugal

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Why choose Baleal ?

Peniche is known as the "Portuguese Wave Capital" and is considered the most consistent surfing region in Europe. You will find a multitude of spots between Peniche and Baleal (beach breaks, sandbanks, reefs, point-breaks and mixed spots) with options for all levels!
The town is an authentic refuge of serenity to forget the stress of your daily life. Its crystal clear waters will allow you to recharge your batteries and feel renewed. Whether you like sunbathing on the beach or playing sports, there is something for everyone in Péniche. The city has beautiful neighbourhoods and offers you the proximity of the urban centre where you can discover the Portuguese culture.

Peniche has been and will continue to be the scene of the world's best surfers.

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    The best Surf Camps in Peniche, Portugal
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