Surf Camp Weligama bay - Rooms

Our surf camp in Weligama - Sri Lanka is strategically located in the green area of Cape Weligama, in Weligama Bay. Close to one of the most beautiful surf beaches in the region: Jungle Beach.

This is your new home away from home, a comfortable and luxurious haven.

Discover, explore, relax, surf and eat - that's what we do in Sri Lanka!

This package runs with the tides and times depend on conditions. As passionate surfers and travellers, we want you to get the most out of your surf trip. That's why our package remains flexible.

Private room

Single and double rooms with private bathroom

Double room

Shared room

Comfortable rooms for 4 people with private bathroom

We organise daily 2-hour surf lessons for beginners and intermediates, and guided surf sessions for advanced surfers. The surf guide will make sure you can spot a few spots before you go and will recommend a spot based on his local knowledge to ensure you get the best surf possible that day. You can consult your surf guide and your group of surfing friends to scout surf spots first or go straight to the first best spot they recommend.

We provide all the equipment you need (wetsuits, boards and leash) and you can even hire them outside your lesson time to practise.


Experience 100% surfing in Sri Lanka: surf lessons in the morning and #freeSurf until mid-afternoon!

We divide groups of surfers according to their level in order to encourage rapid and appropriate progress. Our international surf instructors will accompany you in the water to help you surf the best waves.

A theoretical introduction to the spot of the day, safety rules and a warm-up will also be part of each surf lesson.

Surf School 

Our surf lessons are at L1 and L2 level - from absolute beginner to advanced beginner / start catching green waves, positioning, reading waves and currents, etc.

We maintain a student/teacher ratio of 1:4:5 depending on the group formed for the day.

The group will be taught on the same beach but will be divided into smaller groups by teacher. Each teacher looks after their own students with a maximum ratio of 1:4:5.

Daily surf lessons are 2 hours of guided lessons which include: theory and practice and once a week a full theory and video analysis with a surf film.

All surf lessons are carried out on soft surfboards to ensure the safety of the student and other surfers. After the 2 hour surf lesson, there will be an additional surf session of approximately 2/3 hours. This is free surfing and an opportunity to practise what you have learnt. Total surfing time is 4-5 hours per day.

We choose the surf spot according to what is the best place to give the surf lessons, taking into account the crowd - the type of ocean bottom: sand (no reef) and the currents. We may therefore visit one spot more often than the others.

Our aim is to teach you to surf responsibly for yourself and for the other people in the water with you, to make sure you have maximum fun!


Yoga classes are held every afternoon in a large 70 m2 space.

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    Surf Camp Weligama bay – Rooms
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