The Rooms, Ocean Adventure, Lassarga Kite Camp Dakhla

An ecolodge project, on an extraordinary site for its wild nature and landscapes, all made of wood, on stilts, intimate and comfortable, part of an ever more committed approach to responsible tourism: 100% solar energy, dry toilets, filtration of grey water by plants, local organic farming...

Villa Bungalow Family - 2 rooms

Our bungalows have been designed as cocoons of well-being and intimacy. You'll find towels, soap, shampoo and natural body lotion in all our bungalows. Room service is provided daily. Away from it all, but in the utmost comfort.

Each of our VILLA bungalows offers :

• Two separate bedrooms, one with a bay window and sea view
• A large sheltered terrace with sea views
• A shared double washbasin shower room for the two bedrooms
• A shared walk-in shower room for both bedrooms

• Separate shared dry toilets for both bedrooms
• External storage rails for your boards
• A mini terrace high up to admire the spotlight in complete privacy!

Bungalove - A couple's stay by the water

Right on the water, overlooking the Lassarga wave, sleeps 3. Towels, soap, shampoo and natural body lotion are available in all our bungalows. Room service is provided daily. Away from it all, but in the utmost comfort.

  • A sheltered terrace with sea views
  • A shower room area
  • A walk-in shower room
  • Independent dry toilets

Bungalow Shared

Sleeping a maximum of four people, they are the perfect option for a convivial stay in the same room at our Ecolodge. Organised around a living room-style living area, each bed is equipped with its own discreet reading light. The shared bungalow: 1 large bedroom, 4 beds, a communal area and storage space for everyone. Please note: you may be sharing your bungalow with other people.

Shared tent

Single bed in a double or triple tent, shared bathroom facilities.

Our activities

Kitesurf school

Recently opened, our kitesurfing school at Lassarga is located on the beach next to the Océan Vagabond restaurant, just a minute's walk from the wave spot, and has the best view.

We offer guiding for kitesurfing and surfing on the Dunes Blanches, Aarish, Speed spot etc...

We have everything you need for your holiday: plenty of water sports equipment, hammocks and deckchairs, and a highly motivated team. The perfect place for lots of good sessions, as well as relaxing and enjoying the view of the spot.


Enjoy the beauty of nature with the comfort of being indoors: facing the ocean, our yoga studio offers a magnificent view for a practice connected to the elements. Every morning, your session is accompanied by the first rays of sunshine, birdsong and the melody of the waves rolling in...

The wooden studio, built on the basis of sacred geometry, is a place of recollection, sharing and exchange.

It is equipped with comfortable yoga mats, bricks, straps, hammocks for aerial yoga, bolsters (cushions made in-house)... Everything you need for a pleasant practice.

One yoga, many yogas: yin, hatha, aerial, yin yang, vinyasa... several styles of yoga are on offer, from the gentlest to the most intense, to choose from according to your energy at the time.

Every fortnight, we hold a ceremony to mark the new or full moon, with a changing programme that may include yoga, guided meditation, sound healing, writing workshop, movement workshop, ecstatic dance...

As well as aerial yoga (which is practised in hammocks), we also offer classes in aerial silks, a discipline that originated in the circus and focuses on the artistic side, perfect for exploring your creativity.
If you're interested in yoga retreats, don't hesitate to contact us. We can organise your retreat, with or without our teachers.

Morning ocean flow

Free session for Ocean Adventure Lassarga residents

Opt for a morning session!

Your breathing is quietly attuned to the sound of the waves or the wind...

Little by little, your mind calms, your body relaxes and you enjoy a day of wellbeing at the height of relaxation.

Private session

From €10

1h15 - Max 3 people

Private, solo or small group classes?

Vinyasa Yoga, Yin Yoga, H.I.I.T, Fitness?

Choose the discipline and format of your choice.

Pamper your body and mind and choose the discipline of your choice!

In the gym, on the sand or on the terrace of your bungalow, you'll enjoy a dream setting and a feeling of well-being!

Book your session with Simo now!


Group lesson 8:30 (duration: 40 minutes): offered.
Group lesson 1h : 14
Semi-private lesson 1h : 23
Private lesson 1h : 33
Book of 5 nominative classes 1h : 47
Aerial fabric group class 1h (max 3 people) : 14
Aerial fabric private class 1h : 19
African dance 1h : 14

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    The Rooms, Ocean Adventure, Lassarga Kite Camp Dakhla
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