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Anglet Sables d'Or Chambre d'Amour

There are dozens of surf schools in Anglet and in particular in the Chambre d'Amour. Over the years and experiences we have got to know them and have selected for you the one that meets our quality charter: pedagogy, infrastructure, friendliness... We have chosen a very competent surf school! Whether you are alone, as a couple, with your family or as a group, Océan Adventure will perfectly meet your expectations. Call us to book your surf course in Anglet, Sables d'Or at 0033 (0)7 83 88 57 70

Surfing lessons booking Anglet Les Sables d'Or La Chambre d'Amour

Book now your surfing slot on Anglet Sables d'Or by paying 50% deposit. Specify the day in the comments, we will call you back a few days before the course (no later than 48 hours) to give you a schedule.

Surf School in Les Sables d'or, Anglet

Our surf school is located on the beach of Les Sables d'Or in Anglet.

La chambre d'Amour, an ideal surf spot to start!

Last beach in the Chambre d'Amour district, Les Sables d'Or beach has all the characteristics of an urban beach. Surrounded by more than forty bar-restaurants, it is frequented all year round. All year round, during the day and in the evening, under the lighting that illuminates the surroundings, the bars and restaurants along the esplanade of Les Gascons welcome English-speaking people and tourists passing through.

In the summer, the Rayon Vert, the restaurant directly on the beach, opens. The Beach House, the trendy bar-restaurant located just in the back, attracts a completely different kind of wildlife that travels by Harley. A few meters away, beach volleyball players find their balls and nets before being joined at the end of July by the joyful and colourful caravan of the Anglet Beach Rugby Festival, one of the summer's great attractions. On the beach of Les Sables, the usual meeting place for summer visitors but also for a whole part of the Anglophone youth, we laugh, we invective each other, we play ball, snowshoe, picnic, we learn to surf! Whether you are an angloy or visiting the city, you must meet up for a while in Les Sables d'Or. The municipality made no mistake in setting up a tourist office that never runs out of people. Les Sables: the place to be !

This beach offers a popular surfing area. The low tide is to be preferred, the high tide covering the entire beach and creating a large backwash. The cradle of surfing in Anglet, it hosts a number of competitions including the Night Surfing, a unique competition in Europe, and the Pro Anglet in August.

The top of this beach is equipped all year round with beach volleyball courts accessible to all. Parking and restaurants nearby. Free shuttle in July and August. Public showers and toilets.

Sheltered by cliffs to the south and a rocky spur to the north, the configuration of the spot allows to filter the waves and to guarantee a quiet and good quality surf all year round.

Surfing lessons at Anglet Chambre d'Amour

Ideally located on the golden sands beach, you will enjoy a high quality surfing course and spend 1h30 in the water !

Remember to book in advance because in summer and during school holidays, slots are taken on 7 days and there is no place for last minute reservations.

What to bring for my surf lesson?

We provide the board, wetsuit, monitor (and transport if the ocean is in a storm and you have to leave the area to go to a retreat spot). Simply bring a jersey to put under the suit, a towel, a diaper and a bottle of water.

What time are the classes?

We organize the courses about 2 hours before and after low tide

with normal coefficients of 50/70. This may be more with lower coefficients but in any case,

we organize the groups ourselves according to age and levels

in order to give you the greatest possible satisfaction. We will therefore call you back 48h before the course day to give you your course time according to the tides but also the "reliable wave and weather forecasts".

La plage des Sables d'or, à Anglet, où se trouvent les plus longues plages du pays basque

Surfing Lessons Rates
Anglet Chambre d'Amour

We offer you two rates: seasonal and off-season. Here is the off-season rate, valid until July 2019:

Collective Surfing Courses

1 lesson : 40€

3 lessons : 110€

5 lessons : 170€

Surfing lessons
Beginners and advanced

From beginner to intermediate and advanced level, we will find the right wave to progress without age or gender limits. Your surf instructor will be able to accompany you throughout your training.

Le Moniteur de Surf de la plage des Sables d'Or, Anglet

Surfing sessions:

  • a maximum of eight people per instructor for a high quality of coaching
  • all material is provided
  • foam boards for beginners
  • resin boards for intermediates and confirmed
  • surf suits and accessories
  • briefings on the beach to start
  • essential safety measures directly related to the conditions of the day
  • practical and personalized advice on the beach and in the water

Live your dream, spend your holidays with us !


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