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There are dozens of surf schools in Bidart. Over the years and experiences we got to know them and thus we have selected for you the one that meets our quality charter: pedagogy, adapted material, friendliness... For Bidart, we have chosen one of the best surf schools on the Basque coast! Whether you are alone, as a couple, with your family or as a group, Ocean Adventure will perfectly meet your expectations. Call us to book your surf course at 0033 (0)7 83 88 57 70

Fabrice, your surf instructor

Bidart Surf Lessonss Booking

Book now your surfing session on Bidart by paying 50% deposit. Specify the day in the comments, we will call you back a before the D-day (48hours more or less) to give you a schedule.

Book your Private Lessons

Contacting your surf instructor

As soon as you book on our website, your lessons will be guaranteed: you will have nothing to confirm. Fabrice himself will contact you 24 to 48 hours before your course to agree on the place/time of appointment, in accordance with the weather conditions, such as your location on the coast.

Transport included

The surf van offers several meeting points along the National Road 10 between St Jean de Luz and Bidart. You can either join Fabrice on the spot selected on the D-day by your own means, or be picked up and dropped off by the surf van near your place of residence on the Basque coast.

Adapted equipment

A wide choice of boards in various designs and sizes awaits you. The equipment will be totally adapted to your size and level. Ocean Adventure has also selected a school that offers a wide range of neoprene suits for both men and women.

Adapted spotlight

Your surf instructor will select each day the site best suited to your learning and improvement, in accordance with the tide schedules. He does not always teach classes in the same place and you may practice on different spots during an internship.

Training closer together

Ocean Adventure has chosen to focus on close teaching. Fabrice and his instructors will be in the water with you at all times (no instructor crossed arms on the beach as we find too many). You will never be on your own and will always have close supervision, whether you are starting in the foam or already in deeper water surfing your first waves.

Personalized pedagogy

Each person is unique and the same advice for one is not necessarily applicable to the other. Thanks to the proximity of the instructors of the surf school selected by Ocean Adventure, you will always benefit from advice to improve each of your new attempts. Fabrice maintains that he has never had a student who was not standing on his board in his first class. It has to be said that we have never heard of it before.....

Basque Coast Surf School, Bidart

Our surf school is located in Bidart. You don't have to carry very heavy equipment, you're directly on the beach!

Bidart, a surf spot for beginners and intermediates !

Bidart is an authentic Basque village by the sea. Like the market square and its pediment, surf culture is widespread on the beach side. The beaches are a real paradise for families and surfers. The spots are renowned for their regularity, their power and the locals have always been among the best surfers on the coast.

Whether you want to learn to surf, body board, stand-up paddle, build sand castles or simply relax, each of Bidart's beaches has its own character traits, it's up to you to take the plunge! They are all supervised during the summer season and are equipped with showers and public toilets.

To learn in complete safety, it is recommended to contact the surf schools of Bidart.

Bidart Surf Courses and Internships, on the Basque coast

Ideally located, you will enjoy a high quality surfing course and spend 1h30 in the water !

Remember to book in advance book in advance because in summer and during school holidays, slots are taken on 7 days and there is no place for last minute bookings.

What to bring for my surf lesson?

We provide the board, wetsuit, monitor and transport if the ocean is in a storm and you have to leave the area to go to a retreat spot. Simply bring a jersey to put under the suit, a towel, a diaper and a bottle of water.

What time are the classes?

We organize the courses about 2 hours before and after low tide

with normal coefficients of 50/70. This may be more with lower coefficients but in any case,

we organize the groups ourselves according to age and levels

in order to give you the greatest possible satisfaction. We will therefore remind you 48h before the course day to give you your course time according to the tides but also the "reliable wave and weather forecasts".

Surfing Course and Rental Rates
in Bidart

We offer you two rates: seasonal and off-season. Here is the off-season rate, valid until July 2019:

Collective Surfing Courses

1 lesson : 40€

3 lessons : 115€

5 lessons : 175€

Surfing lessons
Beginners and advanced

From beginner to intermediate and advanced level, we will find the right wave to progress without age or gender limits. Your surf instructor will be able to accompany you throughout your training.

Surfing sessions:

  • a maximum of six people per instructor for a high quality of coaching
  • all material is provided
  • foam boards for beginners
  • resin boards for intermediates and confirmed
  • surf suits and accessories
  • briefings on the beach to start
  • essential safety measures directly related to the conditions of the day
  • practical and personalized advice on the beach and in the water

Live your dream, spend your holidays with us !


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