Surf Camp Imsouane, Maroc

The best Surf Camp in Imsouane, Morocco

Based in the Taghazout region, Océan Adventure offers surf lessons for beginners, surf coaching for intermediate and advanced surfers, free sessions for experienced surfers, yoga classes, excursions, discovery trips in the beautiful region and an incredible culinary experience. Guests will be welcomed in our charming guest rooms in Imsouane; the village is known throughout the world and is located in one of the most beautiful bays in Africa: Magic Bay offers cool weather all year round and the longest hikes in Morocco. Depending on the conditions of swell, wind, tide and crowd, our hosts will learn and evolve in the different parts of the region. Our idea is to preserve the spirit of the golden age of surfing, off the beaten track and commercial clichés of surf-marketing. We believe that Surfing is also a wonderful way to meet new people. Sharing, discovery, pleasure and respect for the elements are the four values that underpin your experience.

Surf School Imsouanne, Maroc

Surf School Imsouanne, Morocco

Recognizing your level is an important step in improving your surfing skills... People interested in surfing lessons are often lost when it comes to describing their surfing skills or choosing the right course they really need, our teaching goes beyond simple technical instructions. We have a global strategy that covers all aspects of surfing. Our approach is based on the level and expectations of each client. We want our customers to get a smooth ride, an optimal trajectory on the wave and to develop a personal style. understand and identify yourself using the level description below to optimize your progress within our surf school.

Private Lessons Imsouane, Maroc

Private Lessons Imsouane, Morocco

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Yoga Lessons

We believe that yoga is fundamental to improving your surfing skills and abilities. We do not offer yoga as a fitness class, but as a transformative experience to stretch and lengthen your body worn out by surfing, deepen your breathing, concentrate your intention, practice balance, and improve your overall strength and well-being. Whether you want a slower yin class or a vinyasa class, our yoga instructors will meet your needs. Practice on your mat and see how it translates on your board.