At Péniche Surf Camp, you'll find not only rooms for a comfortable stay but also a restaurant, bar, two swimming pools, two tennis courts, an outdoor CrossFit box, a gym, OCR structures, and even a climbing wall inside the restaurant. The lodge has private twin and single rooms.

Our Rooms

Shared triple room

Shared triple room with bathroom. Reservations are made per bed in a room for a maximum of 3 people, bathroom is in the room. Breakfast is included. Towels and shower soap are provided.

Single room

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Single room with bathroom. Breakfast included. Towel and soap are provided.

Double room

Double room with bathroom. Breakfast included. Towels and shower soap are provided.

Twin room

Twin room with bathroom. Breakfast included. Towels and shower soap are provided.

Triple Private Room

Triple room with bathroom. Breakfast included. Towels and shower soap are provided. Direct access to the pool.

Our Activities


Surf Camp in Peniche offers fun surfing lessons in Peniche, Baleal, Consolação and the surrounding beaches.

All surf lessons are tailored to your experience and skill level. The courses are taught by experienced and certified instructors. We will make sure you have the time of your life catching waves. Each surf lesson lasts 2 hours.

In the first lesson, our surf instructors will give you a proper introduction to the sport of surfing and the science behind it, including a detailed explanation of surfing etiquette and safety.

Surf School 

Our passionate and motivated instructors are waiting for you at the school to organise your time on the slopes.

The equipment is in good condition.

Our courses include :

  • 2 hour sessions in the water
  • Wetsuit and board rental
  • Insurance for equipment breakage
  • Transport to the spot
  • Theoretical and practical training according to your level
  • Organisation of specific courses on request

Our Adventures

What our programme covers: Technical skills

- Mountain walking and mountain navigation
- Rock climbing
- Canoeing and kayaking
- White water kayaking
- Sea kayaking
- Bushcraft and survival training
- First aid training in remote areas

- CrossFit training

- Kayak building

- Stand up paddle

• Stand up paddle

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