Surf Travel: The Best Surf and Wingfoil Camps for Christmas: winter 2023 - 2024 ?

Wondering where to go for a surfing holiday, alone, as a couple or with the family? We've selected the best camps, villas, eco lodges and resorts for you, both luxury and budget.

In continental Europe, the season of warm waters and good winds for surfing extends from the April holidays to the All Saints' Day holidays at the end of October. You can still learn to surf after these dates, but it's cooler and the ideal learning conditions are more uncertain.We're barely out of summer and autumn and winter is here. We can't wait for spring

There's no such thing as winter in subtropical countries! In the Canaries, there are only 2 seasons: spring and autumn.

November, December, January, February and March are the perfect months for surfing fans, as you'll enjoy moderate temperatures from the Canary Islands to the edge of the Sahara desert: nights at 15 degrees and temperatures rising to 25 degrees during the day. For higher, tropical temperatures, head for Sri Lanka, Bali, Cape Verde or Costa Rica. There are also a number of destinations outside our catalogue, from Brazil to Australia, and sub-Saharan Africa from Dakar to Skeleton Bay in Namibia.

Why choose our surf camps?

Low prices and conviviality

You'll find the surf camp atmosphere of a youth hostel, with people aged between 20 and 60 spending their day ripping up the waves. In the evening, you can share your experiences over a barbecue!

Comfort and privacy

The atmosphere is great, but when you're a couple, a family or simply need your own space. Private double rooms or flats make up our surf camps. That's the big difference with the youth hostels of yesteryear. Not to mention the style! It's not unusual to find camps designed by architects or with terraces overlooking the ocean.

Imsouane, Morocco

The pearl of Morocco is this wave, one of the longest in the world! Off the beaten track and away from the commercial clichés of surf-marketing... Surfing is also a wonderful way to meet new people.

Sharing, discovering, enjoying and respecting the elements are the four values that underpin your experience.

Discover a new discipline!

The Best Surf Camps in Morocco

Morocco is a unique destination that offers an incredible surfing experience. Its geography and miles of coastline offer a multitude of spots for all levels. The quality of its waves is recognised the world over, but what also makes this destination so special is the mix of culture, architecture and landscape. There are a multitude of surf camps in Morocco, but we have selected the best ones to guarantee you a quality surfing holiday. Accessible to all levels, these surf camps offer a great atmosphere, quality surf lessons and a change of scenery guaranteed!

From south to north, here are the best surf camps by town in Morocco:

Dakhla, Lassarga: the most beautiful surf resort in Europe!

From €707 - 7 nights full board for 1 person in a shared bungalow

Airport transfers + Daily yoga classes...

Surf camps Taghazout - Morocco

Surf & Yoga Lodge Premium

From €499 in a shared room

7 nights full board + 6 surf & yoga classes + Airport transfer

Surf Camp Morocco Authentic

From €510 in a shared room

7 nights full board + 6 surf lessons + Airport transfer

Boutique Hôtel Surf & Yoga

From €687 in a private room

7 nights full board + 5 Surf & Yoga sessions + Airport transfer

Other Camp

From €450 in a shared room

7 nights full board + 5 surf lessons for 1 person

Surf camps Imsouane - Morocco

A surfing holiday in Imsouane usually involves all-day surf sessions, a trip to Agadir and its world-famous souk. Plus an afternoon swimming in the beautiful natural pools of Paradise Valley and evenings relaxing watching the spectacular sunset from the roof of your accommodation, while eating tagines and sipping fresh mint tea.
Beach: The mountainous cliffs slope down to a calm bay: a must-see for surfers of all abilities!

Type: A paradise for beginners and longboarders, a right that seems to go on forever. The only challenge is knowing how long your legs can hold out!
Best conditions: summer, autumn, winter Temperature: 23 - 31 °C

Favourite, Surf House

From €560 in a shared room

7 nights half-board + 6 surf lessons + airport transfer

Beach House local !

From €780 in a private room

7 nights full board + 12 surf lessons + Airport transfer...

Essaouira : Surf & Yoga

Surf Villa Zina, Sidi Kaouki

From €620 in a private room

7 nights full board + 6 Surf & Free Surf lessons + Airport transfer...

Riad Authentique

From €630 in a private room

7 nights half-board + 5 surf lessons + Airport transfer...

Canary Islands, Spain

Villa Beach House, Corralejo


From €415

7 nights in a shared room + 6 surf lessons

Beach Villa, Cotillo

From €660

7 nights in a shared room + 5 surf lessons

Surfcamp et séjour Kitesurf à Cotillo, Fuerteventura

Surf House & Villa, Lanzarote

From €520

7 nights in a shared room + 5 days surfing for 1 person

Surfcamp, Las Palmas Gran Canaria

From €575

7 nights' accommodation in a shared room + 5 surf lessons + 3 yoga lessons

Lisbon, Nazaré - Portugal

Madeira & Azores

Porto Da Cruz, Madeira

From €420 per person

7 nights in a private room + 5 surf lessons

São Miguel, Azores

From €350 in a shared room

7 nights' accommodation in a shared room + 6 surf & yoga classes + airport transfer

Costa Rica

Auberge, Santa Teresa

From €709 in a shared room

6 nights half-board + 5 surf lessons & free surfing

Beach Boutique Hotel, Sta Teresa

From €948 in a private room

7 nights half-board + 5 surf lessons + Airport transfer...

Sri Lanka

Favourite, Ahangama

From €569 in a shared room

6 nights' half-board accommodation + 6 surf lessons + 3 surf guiding sessions

Surfcamp Weligama Bay

From €479 in a private room

7 nights full board + 5 surf & yoga classes

Surf Camps in Indonesia

Beach Resort, Mentawai

From €2350 in a private bungalow

10 nights full board + Surf Guiding & Transfers

Canggù, Bali

From €624 in a shared room

7 nights with breakfast + 5 surf lessons

Boat Trip, Indonesia

From €2,500 - 12 nights full board

Surfing, fishing, guiding!

Surf Camps in Latin America

Surf & Yoga Beach House, Panama

1365€ - 6 nights full board

Full board + 5 surf lessons + 6 yoga lessons

El Sunzal, El Salvador

From €1058 in a private room

7 nights half-board + 5 surf lessons + 3 yoga lessons...

Yoga, skateboarding, language holidays and more

For boys and girls aged between 7 and 77, we can offer you a range of packages tailored to your needs. Don't hesitate to contact us for a tailor-made holiday!

Why choose a Camp with Ocean Adventure?

We have a real passion for the ocean, and our partners are people we first met in the water!

Customer Story - WhatsApp chat

OA: Hello, how are you? Everything OK?
Laurie: Yes, great! It's really nice! I'm going to be back with some serious pecs! OK, my arms can't keep up but that's not a problem, I'm having fun so it's cool! And the surf house is really great!
2 days later... laurie: sends photos...
OA: Excellent!!! How are the arms? You've got some nice little waves!
Laurie: Let's just say it's not as bad for the arms ;-) Yes, the waves got bigger and bigger during the morning, so we were really shaken up!
OA : That's it, you're a surfer!
Laurie: Yeahhhhhh


Surf Travel: The Best Surf and Wingfoil Camps for Christmas: winter 2023 – 2024 ?
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